Quran exhibition held by Majlis Ansarullah New Zealand

Saqib Ahmad, Qaid Tabligh Majlis Ansarullah New Zealand

Majlis Ansarullah New Zealand held a Quran exhibition in the Papamoa suburb of Tauranga, New Zealand, on 5 May 2024.

Two delegations from Majlis Ansarullah, accompanied by Lajna Imaillah and Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya, departed for Tauranga after the Fajr prayer from Hamilton and Auckland. A local Ahmadi greeted the delegation at the exhibition venue. The exhibition had a display of translations of the Holy Quran in 50 languages, the focal point being the Te Reo Māori translation, the language of the indigenous Māori people. Large pull-up banners adorned the venue, highlighting some of the fundamental Quranic verses on faith, peace, science, women’s rights, and prophecies. Two informative seminars on the topic of the Quran were also held at the exhibition, attended by about a dozen guests. Some of the guests arrived, especially to attend the afternoon seminar.

A recent immigrant family from South Africa visited the exhibition and had a brief conversation about the death of Jesusas. Another visitor expressed an interest in volunteering for such future exhibitions while appreciating the efforts of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya in running such unique exhibitions across New Zealand. A guest made a special request to post some Quranic literature for high school students as a means of comparative study alongside the Bible being taught at school primarily. Another guest mentioned that she had been reading about the Holy Quran for some time and was excited to finally have her own copy with the English translation. She also took a copy of the books The Philosophy of the Teaching of Islam and An Elementary Study of Islam.

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