Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aa) continues to urge Ahmadis to raise their voices for Palestinians


Speaking of injustices being committed by Israel against the Palestinians, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa said today:

“I continually urge for prayers for the Palestinians; keep praying. As anticipated, following the end of the ceasefire, the Israeli government has intensified its bombings and attacks across every region of Gaza. Again, innocent children and civilians are being martyred.

“Now, even a U.S. Congressman, who I believe is Jewish, has said, ‘Enough is enough, America should play its role in stopping this.’ The President of the United States is also now subtly stating that this gunfire should stop, and that the shelling, which is happening equally in the north and the south, should cease. Initially, they said, ‘Go north, and you will be safe,’ but now the situation there is the same. However, these words of the President of the United States are not out of any human sympathy.

“We should not be under any illusion. Instead, it is for their own interests, as elections are approaching in America, and the youth there are demanding a ceasefire. Similarly, American Muslims are raising their voices. So, these people are doing everything for their votes, without any sympathy for Palestinians or Muslims.

“Then, there are Muslim countries. Some of their voices are getting stronger, but unless they unite to strive for a ceasefire, it is of no use. May Allah create unity among Muslims.

“The non-Muslim world knows Muslims are not united and are engaged in killing each other. Look at what’s happening in Yemen. Similarly, in other countries thousands, even millions of innocent children are dying at the hands of Muslims. This emboldens others to oppress them further, thinking it makes no difference, as they oppress themselves. When Muslims do not care for the lives of their fellow Muslims, why would the enemy care? Allah has sternly warned in the Quran about Muslims killing each other, stating that such individuals will be hell-bound. May Allah enable Muslims to unite and become a means to end oppression in the world, not just engage in internal conflicts.

“The UN has tried to raise its voice, but who listens to them? They claim, ‘We will do this, we will do that,’ but they can’t do anything; no one heeds their words. The major powers just exercise their [veto] rights.

“May Allah have mercy on the Muslims. Nevertheless, along with prayers, as I have already communicated through the jamaats, we must continuously remind our acquaintances and local politicians to raise their voices to end this oppression. Similarly, we should spread this message in our circles that we must strive to end this injustice. May Allah protect the innocent from oppression. [Amin].” (Friday Sermon, 8 December 2023)

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