Ramadan may end, its spirit should not


Friday, 7 May 2021: Towards the end of his Friday Sermon today, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa drew the attention of all Ahmadis towards strengthening their relationship with Allah by continuing the spirit of Ramadan.

Huzooraa said that today was the last Friday of Ramadan and we should not observe it merely as the last Friday of Ramadan, but make it a means to set greater milestones for the future.

Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa said that the good deeds we were able to achieve in Ramadan should continue and also increase after Ramadan, “otherwise passing through Ramadan would be futile for us.”

Huzooraa said that during the last Friday Sermon, he advised everyone to recite durood and istighfar. However, this advice was not only for Ramadan, but for the future too.

Huzooraa said dajjali powers were using ever-new tactics and the false allure and splendour of this world had enchanted most people. Sometimes, Ahmadi children fall prey to this too. To counteract this, Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa said that parents should befriend their children, develop a close connection with them and educate them about the existence of God and Islam’s truth. After instilling the full conviction in them, we should attach them so closely to God, that no action or thought of theirs goes against the will and teaching of God.

In order to safeguard the next generation, “they should have an answer to every worldly view and fitnah. It should not be that they have answers to some and not others and as a result are affected by them”, Huzooraa said.

“However, this cannot happen until we, ourselves, increase in belief and certainty to its highest peak. […] This will be possible when our connection with God Almighty will be strong and our Namaz, our worship will be exemplary […]”

Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa said it was essential we understood what the Promised Messiahas expected of us.

Today, immodesty and indecency had entered every home through the television and the internet. Children were watching things without their parents even noticing. A lot of care and attention was needed, Huzooraa said.

Huzooraa urged the progeny and family of those revered Ahmadis who accepted Ahmadiyyat in the beginning, or were the first to convert, to pay attention to the sacrifices and the level of belief of their predecessors and to follow in their footsteps. If they did so, then they would be able to protect themselves and their progeny. Huzooraa said the progeny and family of revered Ahmadis were not guaranteed Allah’s grace due to the goodness of their predecessors; rather, every individual had the responsibility to increase in faith.

“It is our own actions that will save us. No one’s familial relations or family can protect them.”

Huzooraa said people prayed a lot for the worldly progress of their children, but they should pray more so for their religious future.

In the last days of Ramadan, we should pray that Allah the Almighty protects our faith and the faith of our generations and increases our spiritual progress after Ramadan. May our worship continue to increase; may we develop a strong relationship with Allah; may we be saved from the traps of the Dajjal and may Allah bless us with both temporal and spiritual blessings.

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa also spoke about the coronavirus and exhorted all Ahmadis to pray that we were protected from it.

We should pray for all the Ahmadis in the world too who were being persecuted because of Ahmadiyyat. From these prayers and by trying to acquire the love of God, all troubles would be eradicated.

Huzooraa said mere utterances of prayer would be of no benefit unless our Salat was offered in the proper manner too.

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa said we should continue offering Salat as we had done in Ramadan; only then would we be able to gain the grace and mercy of Allah.

“May Allah the Almighty enable us to pass this Ramadan […] with success and to continue these good deeds after Ramadan too.”

Huzooraa said that the wider we made our circle of prayers and prayed for others, the more grace would we receive from God Almighty. We should pray for every Ahmadi, for their problems to be solved and as a result, brotherhood would develop too.

Huzooraa instructed everyone to pray for the Muslim ummah and for the whole of humanity to be guided to the right path and be saved from the wrath of Allah the Almighty.  

“Our task is to pray, to pray and to continue to pray.”

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