Reflecting on the UK missionaries mulaqat with Huzoor


Ataul Mujeeb Rashed, Missionary-in-charge, UK

On 10 January 2021, 18 missionaries currently serving in the UK along with Amir Sahib Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya UK had the blessed opportunity of a virtual mulaqat with Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa, in Baitul Futuh Mosque.

UK missionaries gathered in Baitul Futuh Mosque during a virtual mulaqat with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa | Photo courtesy of MTA International

The mulaqat started with dua (silent prayer) led by Huzooraa.

Huzooraa gave every missionary the opportunity to present their report briefly. At the same time, Huzooraa provided exceptionally valuable guidance to everyone. Subsequently, when the missionaries were asked to write their thoughts and reflections upon the mulaqat, they said the following:

Hafeez Ahmed Sahib, who works for the national tarbiyat department, said:

Alhamdulillah, it was a great experience. Huzooraa explained our respective duties. One point I would like to mention is that the love Huzooraa shows to us is immense and it taught me that this is how we should deal with members of the Jamaat – with respect and love.”

Sheikh Sammar Sahib, also of the tarbiyat department, said:

“We had our virtual mulaqat today with our beloved Huzoor, may Allah be his Helper, and the experience was absolutely amazing. Huzooraa taking time out of his busy schedule for us is more than what any missionary could possibly wish for and this was granted to all of those who were present today, alhamdulillah.

“Some key points that I picked up from today’s meeting were that our relationship with our Creator should be strong; Huzooraa advised that we should be consistent in our Tahajud prayers.

“Throughout the meeting, Huzooraa gave guidelines in regard to what we can do to help our brothers and sisters within the community. Our beloved Huzooraa paid particular attention towards not relaxing ourselves in this time of lockdowns.”

Naseem Ahmed Bajwa Sahib, Missionary of the Baitul Futuh Mosque, said:

“Huzooraa asked about the attendance of prayer in Baitul Futuh. I informed Huzooraa that around 200 persons attended Jumuah and all other prayers were taking place regularly. When I told Huzooraa that Zuhr and Asr prayers were combined as were Maghrib and Isha prayers due to the coronavirus, Huzooraa said that there was sufficient time between Maghrib and Isha. Thus, they should be offered separately.

“Huzooraa also said that a dars of Tafsir-e-Kabir should be delivered for a few minutes after the Fajr prayer. Then, Huzooraa said this should be done in all mosques.

“It was a great moment of joy and happiness for me that I was able to talk to my beloved Imamaa directly after a very long period of time. May Allah enable us to act upon all the directions of Huzooraa in the best possible manner.”

Asim Hashmi Sahib of the tabligh department said:

“By the grace of Allah, we, the missionaries of London, had the blessed opportunity to see Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa through a virtual mulaqat. Alhamdulillah, this mulaqat was very blessed.

“Huzooraa listened attentively to everyone’s report. Huzooraa paid significant attention to the number of people joining the fold of Ahmadiyyat and asked specific details in this regard.”

Tahir Khalid Sahib, Missionary of Baitul Ehsan, Mitcham, said:

“To be in the presence of Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa was something I had been longing and praying for since this pandemic began and alhamdulillah, today we were able to see Huzooraa and speak to him directly.

“Huzooraa spoke to each one of us and gave guidance on different matters. May Allah enable all devotees of the Jamaat to fulfil the desires of Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa and bring about a revolution around the world. I hope and pray that we can soon physically be in Huzoor’s presence once this pandemic is over, inshaAllah.”

Sharjeel Ahmed Sahib, Missionary of Baitun Noor, London, said:

“Although I haven’t personally seen Huzooraa in person for almost a year now, this virtual mulaqat reminded me of what it is like being in the presence of Huzooraa. We would watch other countries having their virtual mulaqats, but when it’s your turn, it is a unique and uplifting experience.

“When it was mentioned that recorded darses on the phone were sent to jamaats so they may listen to them in the mornings, Huzooraa very lovingly said, ‘Baqion ko bhi den’ (send it to the rest also). This was very uplifting for me and also encouraged me to work harder.

“As everyone was presenting their reports, I felt the heavy expectation of what Huzooraa has from missionaries. This mulaqat was a wakeup call and gave me the enthusiasm to fulfil my duties with more passion and enthusiasm.

“Huzooraa instructed everyone present to concentrate on prayers and istighfar and that all efforts should be made with prayers. Huzooraa also expressed that we should be offering Tahajud for at least one hour every day.”

Imran Ahmad Khalid Sahib, Missionary of the Fazl Mosque area, said:

“Today, the UK Missionaries had the blessed opportunity to meet beloved Huzooraa after almost 10 months. Truly it was one of the best days in the past months.

“This is the beauty of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya, which is a source of comfort. Every second of the mulaqat with beloved Huzooraa is filled with blessings, but most importantly it becomes our responsibility as Ahmadi Muslims to recognise this great blessing and be grateful to Allah the Almighty for this. The Khalifa is the means of achieving closeness with Allah the Almighty. He is the chosen one; if we hold fast to the rope of Allah, we will become successful, inshaAllah

Rabeeb Mirza Sahib, Missionary of Feltham, said:

“The Promised Messiahas has mentioned in one place that all technological advancements of this era have been made for his support and to further his mission. Alhamdulillah, today, through this very technology, we were able to see and speak to our beloved Imamaa, the Khalifa of the Promised Messiahas.

Alhamdulillah, we are very blessed and fortunate to have a leader that cares for us to such a degree that he worries about our physical health and spiritual progression. During the mulaqat, Huzooraa gave me some personal advice on prevention from Covid-19. These are the endless blessings attached with Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya and we pray that may Allah enable us to fulfil the expectations of our beloved Imamaa and always remain strongly bonded to this heavenly institution. Amin.”

Salman Qamar Sahib of the Qaza department said:

“The mulaqat was very inspiring and spiritually uplifting. Huzooraa asked us regarding our respective departments and gave us invaluable guidance and instructions. I strongly feel that I am now more aware of my duties as a missionary and a life devotee. One beautiful aspect that I would like to mention is the kindness of Huzooraa. At no point did we feel like we were being scrutinised; rather, it was a father talking to his children with love and affection.”

Safeer Zartasht Sahib, Missionary of Gillingham, said:

“In terms of preparation one can prepare and go through as much as possible, but you never know what you can be asked about, so the best preparation was istighfar and dua.

“The feeling of seeing Huzooraa on the screen and it being live was unique. I felt very lucky and blessed. In these extraordinary times, it felt special.

“Huzooraa asked most of us about Salat and attendance at the mosques. He encouraged us to focus on the youth and to help them become regular in attending prayers at the mosques, while following government guidelines at all times. He also urged us to be more regular in Tahajud. This reminded me of a previous virtual mulaqat, where Huzooraa said that we can only succeed in our mission if we become regular in Tahajud.”

Mansur Chattha Sahib, Missionary of Baitul Amn Mosque, Hayes, said:

Alhamdulillah, it was a great honour and I felt very blessed for having had this opportunity. Due to the Covid-19, people can feel justified in praying at home, but Huzooraa reminded us to emphasise Salat in congregation and, where possible and in accordance with government advice, in the mosque.”

Raza Ahmed Sahib, Missionary of Baitus Subhan Mosque, Croydon, said:

“The guidance which Huzooraa gave was, as always, very helpful. It is sometimes the smallest of things that Huzooraa says, which reminds us that Huzoor’s focus is always on spiritual betterment in all circumstances.

“Something that really stood out to me was the fact that Huzooraa mentioned the youth of the Jamaat and how we should use opportunities to keep them attached to the Jamaat. I am aware of how difficult it is for the youth in this day and age and how important it is for them to hold onto faith and prayer. Thus, when Huzooraa mentioned this point, it was a reminder for me to stay active in helping steer the youth in the right direction and to encourage them to maintain a living link they have with their Creator.”

Mujeeb Ahmed Mirza Sahib, Missionary of Baitul Salaam Mosque, Southall, said:

“Before the mulaqat, we tried our best gathering reports on the activities that we are responsible for and in this regard, we also held a couple of meetings. On the day of mulaqat, I felt quite nervous. Nonetheless, the beauty about Huzooraa is that as soon as I saw him, I felt at ease.”

Zakaria Sheikh Sahib, Missionary of Baitul Ahad Mosque, East London, said:

“Huzooraa spoke to every individual in the meeting. He guided us, told us what improvements we should be doing in our work and most of all, his talk and guidance was a motivation for us to work even harder. It was an inspirational and uplifting mulaqat for me. Although it was a virtual meeting and Huzooraa was not present in person, it most definitely felt like he was sitting with us in the same room.”

Zawar Butt Sahib, Missionary of Baitul Ahad Mosque, Newham, said:

“This mulaqat reminded me of an incident that happened after graduating from Jamia UK. Beloved Huzooraa sent me to The Gambia. On the first day of my Waqf-e-arzi, I met a Jamaat member who could not hear or speak. When he was told through sign language that I had come from the UK, he grabbed me and embraced me and would not let go. Upon asking, a khadim informed me that he was saying, ‘You have personally met beloved Huzooraa and so I wanted to gain those blessings from you because I might not ever be able to personally meet beloved Huzooraa.’

“May Allah the Almighty give beloved Huzooraa strength and health and grant him help with His Holy Spirit. Amin.”

Raheel Ahmed Sahib of the history department said:

“Many of our brothers from outside London could not join us due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Some of those missionaries called aft er the mulaqat to offer their congratulations and ask about the guidance our beloved Huzooraa had given us.

“I always feel that I can share anything with Huzooraa without any hesitation. His advice and encouragement, with a smile on his face, is always uplifting and a source of motivation for us.”

Rana Mashood Sahib, General Secretary, UK, said:

“We are very blessed to have been in the audience with Huzooraa, even though Huzooraa knew that only a few of us were able to attend due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

“It is my prayer that we are able to abide by the guidance and instructions given by Huzooraa and fulfil our roles and responsibilities.”

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