Prayer request for Humanity First volunteers in Palestine

Dr Aziz Hafeez, Humanity First UK
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HF team in Gaza continues its “Smiles for Gaza” psychosocial support for displaced children. Image: HF/X

By the grace of Allah, Humanity First has been serving in Gaza for several years and expanded their services since the beginning of the war. 

Our volunteers on the ground are residents of Gaza and have been risking life and limb to serve their people in whatever way possible. They have been running a water trucking facility – delivering water to thousands of displaced people, providing food parcels in North Gaza, providing psycho-social support through the ‘Smiles for Gaza’ project as well as other humanitarian support under extremely difficult conditions.  

HF team in Gaza is delivering clean water by water trucking to thousands of displaced people. Image: HF/X

The vast majority of these volunteers, men and women are Ahmadi Muslims and have themselves been impacted. They have had their homes destroyed, loved ones killed and have become internally displaced along with others who have been forced to flee both in the North and South of Gaza. They are living on limited resources and are enduring hard times. The recent attacks in Rafah have forced them to move with their young children to makeshift tents with little or no access to facilities like toilets, clean water and internet to stay connected. 

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HF team in North Gaza continues to deliver food parcels to hundreds of families facing famine. Image: HF/X

Despite all that, their spirits have not dampened, their joy at knowing that their Beloved Imam, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa is praying for them is unbridled and their reliance on the Will of Allah is nothing but exemplary and astonishing.

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A Humanity First volunteer building a makeshift shelter. HF/X

Humanity First UK would like to sincerely request all members of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat to especially remember them in your special prayers. May Allah grant them relief and protection from the horrors of this most destructive war and expand their capacity to serve the Palestinian people and bless them with greater nearness to Himself. Jazakumullah

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