Responsibilities of Ahmadi parents in the West – Huzoor addresses ladies at Germany Jalsa


Karlsruhe, 6 July: Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa presided over the session at the ladies Jalsa Gah at 11:00 GMT, delivering an insightful address on the responsibilities of Ahmadi men and women in light of the Holy Quran. 

The programme was initiated with the recitation of the Holy Quran – verses 12-15 of Surah al-Hujurat – with Urdu translation. A poem written by the Promised Messiahas was then recited, following which Huzooraa handed out awards to exemplarily academic achievers.

After tashahud, ta‘awuz and Surah al-Fatihah, Huzooraa recited verses from Surah al-Nahl that highlighted the equal reward for both women and men if they carry out good deeds. 

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa explained that the Holy Quran sets out separate responsibilities for men and women. One example is the offering of Salat in congregation that is compulsory upon men and not for women. Accordingly, Huzooraa explained that if women were to offer their prayers at home whilst also taking care of their home, then according to the Holy Prophetsa , they will attain the same blessing and reward as a man who offers his Salat in the mosque. Huzooraa said that Islam has stressed that each person, man and woman, will be granted reward according to their own intentions and responsibilities.

Huzooraa explained that Islam wants men and women to carry out deeds for the pleasure of Allah. He spoke of those who raise allegations against Islam saying that it does not deliver equal rights to women as compared to men. This verse of the Holy Quran presents the answer and nullifies their objection. Those who ponder over whether or not Islam grants women rights are not aware of the beautiful teachings of Islam. 

Huzooraa exhorted that every woman and man in the Jamaat should remember that we must adopt the teachings of Islam whilst not being affected by those who are away from religion; we must prove that Ahmadis follow the truth. We must act upon the commandments of Allah; if we do this, then we will gain the pleasure of Allah. 

Speaking of various events, Huzooraa stressed that no matter how many tarbiyati classes, Jalsas or events take place, they are useless unless good aspects are adopted forever within our lives; temporary actions are not enough. Huzooraa reminded the congregation that our knowledge and insight is void unless we act upon the instructions of Allah the Almighty.

Discussing the passage of the Holy Quran that states “And give glad tidings to the believers”, Huzooraa said that both men and women are addressed and the first trait mentioned by Allah after this is that “they seek forgiveness”. Regarding seeking forgiveness, Huzooraa presented a saying of the Promised Messiahas in which he said that true forgiveness is such that if one is even thrown into a fire, they will not commit sin. 

Istighfar [seeking forgiveness] is essential to protect oneself from modern day ills that are encompassing society today. During the address, it was explained that people are so engrossed in the world today that their hearts have become perverse and rust has developed whilst the light of religion has been lost. If one desires to be protected from this, then believers must continuously occupy themselves in istighfar and make a special effort; this cannot happen without the grace of Allah.

Huzooraa explained that after speaking of seeking forgiveness, Allah points towards the need for worship; the most important being Salat.

Women must pay special attention in establishing the habit of offering Salat within their children. Huzooraa said that fathers also have a strong effect upon their children, especially boys, therefore fathers also have a responsibility. 

Mothers who themselves offer prayers and exert effort in the righteous upbringing of their children will gain the blessings of Allah. Huzooraa said that some children, due to the example of their fathers, are ruined. However, it is observed that through the tarbiyat and prayers of mothers, they revert back. Thus mothers have a huge responsibility for the righteous upbringing of their daughters. 

The next trait of believers Huzooraa mentioned was that “they praise Allah”. Huzooraa  said that when one is able to exercise true praise, they realise that all praise belongs to Allah. Some young girls start thinking that even though they prayed, worked hard and praised Allah, they did not achieve what they wanted; they then begin to divert away from Allah. Huzooraa said that if we look towards the Hereafter and realise that this life is temporary, then we will always praise Allah and never give up. No matter what the condition, a true believer praises Allah.

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa reminded the audience that one should always keep in mind that every blessing is due to Allah and is not the result of some personal quality. Steadfastness and patience is essential for a believer; Allah always blesses such a believer, he reminded. 

Referring to the Holy Quran, Huzooraa  said that another quality of a believer is that they travel for the sake of Allah. Pointing towards the migration of Ahmadis towards Western countries, Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa reminded listeners that they had travelled for the sake of Allah and this requires us to walk in accordance with the commandments of Allah.

If women self-reflect, they will realise that all the material wealth they possess is a reward from Allah because they travelled from Pakistan to these countries for His sake. Talking about the education of women in particular, Huzooraa highlighted that it would not have been possible to be educated to this level if they were still in Pakistan. Therefore, due to these blessings, Ahmadis should always be attached to Allah and not be influenced by the so-called freedom of the West. 

Referring to the kindness of Western governments, Huzooraa said that even though the influx of Ahmadis is a burden upon the government, however they still keep Ahmadis here due to the good actions of Ahmadis; this is another blessings of Allah. 

Talking about taking social welfare, Huzooraa advised Ahmadis to find work and not become a burden upon the government – one should give rather than take.

If we want the grace of Allah in this world and the next, then within ourselves and our children we must ensure that we have immigrated for the sake of Allah and we should never be unfaithful to Him. 

Referring to the Holy Quran again, Huzooraa spoke of the trait of worship within a true believer. True and effective prostrations are those that draw one to a close relation with Allah. 

Believers are also those who exhort towards good and shun bad. If Ahmadi women and men act upon this teaching of the Holy Quran, then we will develop a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. Huzooraa strongly expressed that if men do not act righteously and present a good example, then they will be at error. And if good examples are presented within parents, then children will be protected from the ills of Western society; this is the responsibility of both parents. 

If every household purposefully takes action to save themselves from the ills of society, it is only then that we can be protected. Huzooraa said that society is trying to destroy religion with full force; this can be counteracted only if mothers and fathers acquaint themselves with knowledge and teach their children. Shyness cannot be adopted with current day issues and children should be told of the ills of society and its Islamic solution. 

Huzooraa said that despite this, Ahmadis should be active members of society and serve society to the best of their ability. The rights of mankind must be fulfilled.

An Ahmadi mother’s responsibility is that they inculcate the teachings of Islam within their children and pray for them. This responsibility is upon men as well. 

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa  reminded the audience towards the Bai’at we have taken of the Promised Messiahas, and thus we should act in accordance with his teachings. 

Reading out an extract of the Promised Messiahas, Huzooraa reminded Ahmadis not to be wholly engrossed in the world alone, rather one should aim to establish the true essence of Islam within themselves; praying before Allah, seeking His grace and guidance. 

Underlining the teachings of the Promised Messiahas, Huzooraa said that one must try to gain the grace of Allah and seek His power and protection.

Huzooraa concluded the address by praying that we are all able follow the teachings of Allah, His Prophetsa and the Promised Messiahas. He prayed that may we stay protected from the ills of the world and fulfill our pledge of allegiance to the Promised Messiahas.

Various poems in many languages were recited before Huzooraa by lajna from various nationalities, after which Huzooraa proceeded for the Zuhr and Asr prayer.

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