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An individual who exhibits a change in their morals, so that their neighbour may see how they were before and what they have become, manifests a miracle, as it were. This has a deep and lasting impression upon one’s neighbour. People raise objections against our community and allege that they can see no improvement in those who have joined us and allege that our followers indulge in falsehood and do not restrain their temper and rage. Are such people not embarrassed that others flock to the community considering it to be exemplary? An obedient son becomes a source of honour for his father.

Likewise, a person who swears an oath of allegiance to a divinely appointed one is also like a son. This is why the blessed wives of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, are known as the Mothers of the Believers. In other words, the Holy Prophetsa is a father to the Muslim community at large. A biological father brings a child into the world, becoming a cause for worldly life, but a spiritual father takes their child, as it were, into heaven and returns them to the original source from which they sprang (i.e. God). Would you view in a positive light the son who dishonours his father? What if a son were to visit prostitutes, indulge in gambling, consume alcohol, and commit other immoral actions which disgrace his father?

I know that there can be no one who would approve of such actions. But nonetheless, when the undutiful son acts in this manner, the voice of the people cannot be silenced. The people will speak with reference to the father and say that the son of so-and-so indulges in such and such wrongdoing.

Hence, the undutiful son himself becomes a means of disgrace for his father. Similarly, when an individual joins a religious community and does not remain mindful of its dignity and honour and acts against its teachings, he is worthy of blame in the sight of God. For such a one does not only ruin themselves, but deprives others from the path of blessing and guidance due to their own immoral example.

Therefore, insofar as is within your power, seek the assistance of God and endeavour to eliminate your weaknesses with all your strength and resolve. Wherever you fall weak, raise your hands in prayer with sincerity and faith. For hands that are raised with a spirit of humility and meekness as a result of sincerity and faith are never returned empty.

I can say from experience that thousands of my prayers have been accepted and continue to be accepted even now. It is an invariable fact that if an individual does not possess within their hearts the fervour of sympathy for mankind, then they are miserly. If I see a path that leads to goodness and benefit, it is my responsibility to loudly proclaim it to the people, irrespective of whether anyone follows it or not.

کس بشنود یا نشنود من گفتگوے میکنم

“Whether anyone listens or not, I shall continue to speak.”

If even a single soul emerges with life, then this is sufficient. I loudly proclaim that it does not behove me to give you this counsel out of a desire for spiritual reward. Not at all! On the contrary, my soul is imbued with an extreme fervour and pain. Though I do not know why I possess this fervour, there cannot be even an iota of doubt regarding the fact that I cannot stop myself from feeling this way.

Therefore, all of you ought to consider my advice to be the words bequeathed by a man who you may not be fortunate enough to hear in the future; thus adhere so perfectly to my counsel that you become examples for others. You must teach those who are far from us through your own actions and words. If there is no need for action in the manner that I have explained, then tell me why anyone should come here?

I do not want a hidden change in you; I require a noticeable transformation, so that our opponents are overcome with shame; and so that the hearts of the people are illuminated instantly, they lose hope in our opponents and realise that they are in a state of misguidance. Even the most wicked people repented at the hand of Allah’s Messenger, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. How so? It was the magnificent transformation that took place in the companions of the Holy Prophetsa and their model, which was worthy of emulating, and which moved the evil to feel contrition.

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 1, pp. 143-144)

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