Seminar on death of Jesus a.s. in Jamia Sierra Leone


Abdul Hadi Qurashi, Sierra Leone Correspondent

On 10 October 2020, a seminar was organised about the death of Jesusas.

The programme started at 11am and was chaired by the Principal of Jamia, Mubarak Ahmad Ghumman Sahib.

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Muhammad Bilal Koroma Sahib recited some verses of the Holy Quran and presented the English translation. After that, Alie B Kanu Sahib recited a poem.

Hamid Ali Bangura Sahib, a lecturer in Jamia, delivered the first speech about the death of Jesusas according to the Holy Quran and ahadith. He presented the verses of the Holy Quran which clearly showed that Jesusas was a prophet and like any other prophet he died. He further said that the Holy Quran does not support the idea of being physically taken to the heavens and remaining alive in an unnatural way. He also supported his arguments from the sayings of the Holy Prophetsa.

Sheikh Zafir Ahmad Sahib, a lecturer in Jamia, delivered the second speech and introduced a book of the Promised Messiahas, Jesus in India. He explained how thoroughly the Promised Messiahas researched the incident of the crucifixion of Jesusas, his survival from injuries, travelling to the lost tribes of Bani Israel and finally dying a natural death in Kashmir, India at the age of 120 years.

A brief question and answer session was held at the end, which gave the students to pose any issues they had.

May Allah the Almighty enable us to understand the true meanings of the Holy Quran and help us teach it to others as well. Amin

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