‘Blessed are those who serve the Divine cause’: Hazrat Musleh-e-Maud’s heartfelt advice to the Jamaat

Ata-ul-Haye Nasir, Al Hakam
Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra delivering a speech

Hazrat Musleh-e-Maud, Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmadra, had a great passion for spreading the message of Islam to all corners of the world, and we can imagine this passion from one of his couplets:

محمود‭ ‬كر‭ ‬كے‭ ‬چھوڑیں‭ ‬گے‭ ‬ہم‭ ‬حق‭ ‬كو‭ ‬آشكار

روئے‭ ‬زمیں‭ ‬كو‭ ‬خواہ‭ ‬ہلانا‭ ‬پڑے‭ ‬ہمیں

“We shall manifest the truth to the world, even if we have to ruffle and startle the Earth.”

During his Friday Sermon on 15 September 1950 in Karachi, Pakistan, Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra called the attention of Ahmadis towards preaching the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat with more passion and zeal. 

Huzoorra said:

“According to God Almighty’s decree, the time has come for those revolutions – from the religious and spiritual perspective – which will establish Ahmadiyyat in the world for a long time, and its victory will be acknowledged by friends and foes alike. However, one is required to strive hard for such revolutions.” (Al Fazl, 29 September 1950, p. 3) 

Huzoorra then went on to advise members of the Jamaat in regard to the pathway for attaining progress.  

Huzoorra continued:

“I call the attention of members of the Jamaat towards the fact that we can never succeed without tabligh [preaching]. We are not like a political party which overcomes a majority by utilising a specific opportunity and hence establishes its rule over the people; this is not the method of our victory. Our victory can only be over hearts, we cannot establish our rule by controlling the government institutions. […] The Divine communities do not act like this. […] 

“Therefore, the Islamic way is to win hearts, and tabligh is a crucial method for this. It is your duty to spread [the message of] Ahmadiyyat by creating more and more opportunities for tabligh. […] It is very important for youngsters to be honest, hardworking and diligent in their work. […] 

“While fulfilling the tasks of the Jamaat, one must set examples of hard work, sacrifice, honesty and punctuality. I have noticed that the Ahmadis working in the government departments are proving to be very beneficial [for their country] since they act with wisdom and hard work. Moreover, the government also acknowledges that they are not a burden, but rather very productive [for the country]. […]

“If we establish a pious foundation for glorifying the name of God Almighty, then we and our future generations will become [spiritually] everlasting. […] This community will certainly continue to progress, since this is not a man-made community, but rather one that is established by God Almighty. However, if we do not contribute to this progress, we will be depriving ourselves and our future generations of those blessings of God Almighty which are destined for the servants of this Jamaat. […] 

“This is the decree of God Almighty that Ahmadiyyat will eventually be victorious in the world. It is utter madness to assume that God’s chosen one could face a loss. If there is a God, who has been sending His prophets and also sent the Promised Messiahas, then though we can doubt about our own beings; our ears, nose, mouth, tongue, wives and children, we cannot doubt about the success of the teaching brought by God’s appointed one [ma’mur and mursal]. The enemies will be destroyed upon confronting him, just like the waves of a river are forced to change their course on striking against a rock, their opposition will also be unsuccessful and this community will continue to be victorious. 

“Our duty is only to ponder as to how much benefit we have achieved from the decree of God Almighty. The [worldly] people put their utmost efforts into even those matters which are impossible, however, we are serving that cause which will certainly be fulfilled, and Allah the Almighty’s Hand is in its support. The Promised Messiahas states:

جس‭ ‬بات‭ ‬كو‭ ‬كہے‭ ‬كہ‭ ‬كروں‭ ‬گا‭ ہی ‬مَیں ضرور

ٹلتى‭ ‬نہیں‭ ‬وہ‭ ‬بات‭ ‬خدائى‭ ‬یہى‭ ‬تو‭ ‬ہے

[‘When He says that He will certainly do something; that becomes inevitable; indeed, this is Godhood.’ (Durr-eSameen, p. 194)] […]

“This is the difference between Allah the Almighty and mankind. Sometimes a person gets prepared for a certain task equipped with all supportive means, but even then does not succeed, however, when Allah the Almighty says He will certainly do something, then it becomes inevitable.

“It will be your good fortune to be a part of the great effort to bring the future victory [of Islam] nearer, and to serve the Divine cause, since blessed are those who serve the Divine cause.” (Al Fazl, 29 September 1950, pp. 5-6) 

Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra delivering a speech

Huzoorra then mentioned the Promised Messiahas had received a revelation in 1868-69:

میں‭ ‬تجھے‭ ‬بركت‭ ‬پر‭ ‬بركت‭ ‬دوں‭ ‬گا‭ ‬یہاں‭ ‬تک ‬كہ‭ ‬بادشاہ‭ ‬تیرے‭ ‬كپڑوں‭ ‬سے‭ ‬بركت‭ ‬ڈھونڈیں‭ ‬گے

“I shall grant you blessing upon blessing, so much so that kings will seek blessings from your garments.” (Tadhkirah [English], p. 14) 

Huzoorra stated that if the garments could be blessed by coming in contact with the Promised Messiahas, then imagine the blessings Allah would shower on those who served the Promised Messiah’s mission, i.e., the victory of Islam.

Huzoorra added:

“Therefore, such people [who will serve the Promised Messiah’s mission] will certainly be the recipients of those blessings which cannot be found even in the strongest governments and powers [of the world].” (Al Fazl, 29 September 1950, p. 6)

On 29 March 1956, during his address on the first day of Majlis-e-Shura, Huzoorra said:

“We should pray to Allah the Almighty that may He enable us and our progeny to always serve the cause of Islam. [In terms of material wealth] we are poor. If the accomplishment of this mission was only possible through wealth, then we would have been deprived of this opportunity to serve Islam a long time ago, however, if our future generations stand firm on their faith, this mission will continue till the Day of Judgement. Wealth does not have any durability, however, sincerity and a passion for faith do have an everlasting impact.

“Therefore, look and see that whatever the Holy Prophetsa, his Khulafara and Companionsra had possessed, they sacrificed in the service of Islam. However, later on, Islam suffered a lot, since the Muslims got immense amounts of wealth but they fell short in sincerity and faith. 

“Now, God Almighty has commissioned the Promised Messiahas to revive Islam again. He resided in a small hamlet, and in response to his call people started joining him and that small Jamaat began the work of tabligh [preaching]. He neither had any material treasure, nor any worldly fame, and Qadian was also a small and unknown town.

“However, Allah the Almighty had flamed the love of His religion in his [the Promised Messiah’s] heart, for this reason – despite living in a small and unknown hamlet – he was able to accomplish those tasks which the strongest of the Islamic governments could not do. He rendered such unmatched services for Islam that they were acknowledged even by his most severe opponents. […] Therefore, wealth does not have any value, rather it is faith, which has an impact. 

“We should pray that may God Almighty enable us and our future generations to stay firm on our faith. Until a person dies, it cannot be said with certainty whether they will remain on faith till the end or not. Thus, pray that may God Almighty not only enable us to stay firm on our faith, but also enhance it with each passing day, and may He make us the inheritors of the righteous people of the past and continue to shower His blessings on us till the Day of Judgement. 

“May our progeny become the inheritors of the passion which we have in our hearts for the service of religion. Nay, may they outshine us in this passion and may that passion continue till the Day of Judgement so that they hold the flag of Islam in their hands and never let it fall. May they bring the whole world under the flag of Islam through their continuous efforts and may there be only One God and one religion in this world.” (Khitabat-e-Shura, Vol. 3, pp. 583-585) 

Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra delivering a speech

On 30 March 1956, during his address on the second day of Majlis-e-Shura, Huzoorra said:

“By the sheer grace of God Almighty, such a revolution is occurring that Ahmadiyyat is attracting people’s attention and inclination instinctively, and they are feeling that Ahmadiyyat will be victorious one day. […] There is an English proverb, ‘Coming events cast their shadows before’, meaning that the upcoming incidents indicate their occurrence beforehand. Now, every nation is inclining towards Ahmadiyyat.” (Ibid, p. 597)

After mentioning the services of Ahmadiyyat in regards to the Holy Quran’s translation into different languages, Huzoorra said that Allah had decreed all of these blessings for us and its fulfilment was due to the blessings of Khilafat. Huzoorra added: 

“We had the opportunity to accomplish the task which the strongest of the [Muslim] kings could not do. […] This is the blessing of Khilafat and unity which has enabled the Jamaat to publish the Holy Quran’s translation into various languages. […]

“Allah the Almighty has blessed the efforts of our Jamaat. You should pray that may God Almighty enable us to continue this unity, and may the passion and zeal for the service of religion remain within us till the Day of Judgement. And may we serve the religion in such a way that the [teachings] of the Holy Quran reach the corners of the world, may we raise the call of the Holy Prophetsa in the corners of the world and there remains no one who has not yet learned about the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophetsa.” (Ibid, pp. 600-601)

While speaking about the importance of attending the Jamaat’s meetings and activities, Huzoorra said:

“Always remember, the days are coming when great honours would be granted to those who participate in the works of Ahmadiyyat, however, the progeny of those who do not take any interest in the Jamaat work, will be neglected. When the powerful governments like England and America would send their representatives for consultation and will deem it a source of honour for them, at that time, the progeny of those people [who do not participate in Jamaat works] would ask ‘include us in this consultation as well’, however, a certain person will respond that ‘no, your forefathers had neglected such consultation in their time, and did not take any interest in Jamaat works, therefore, you also cannot be included in this consultation.’ […]

“Always remember that if any of you is assigned a certain responsibility of the Jamaat, then it is a big mistake to quit it. You should never be indolent in fulfilling the Jamaat works, but rather consider it a source of honour for you. If you will honour the Jamaat work, then God Almighty will make you honourable as well. Although the Jamaat does not have wealth and has no importance in [the eyes of] the world, however, Ahmadiyyat is going to be victorious in the future and its signs are also visible now, by the grace of God Almighty. […] Always honour the work of the Jamaat. Any one of you who is ever assigned to a certain responsibility of the Jamaat, should consider that God Almighty has granted them a great title.” (Ibid, pp. 601-603)           

Allah the Almighty has granted us divine leadership in the form of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya, which is spreading the mission of the Promised Messiahas and propagating the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat throughout the world. Therefore, it is our duty to serve this Divine cause, to consider it an honour to partake in the Jamaat’s activities and to always remain obedient and loyal to Khilafat. 

If we wish to be the recipients of the blessings of Allah the Almighty, we are required to obey every instruction given to us by Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa. May Allah the Almighty enable us to do so. 

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