Should one say “Sadaq Allah al-Azeem” after reciting the Holy Quran?


Someone presented his viewpoint on proclaiming the words “Sadaqallah-ul-Azeem” after reciting the Holy Quran and requested Huzooraa for guidance. 

In his letter dated 11 June 2019, Huzooraa gave the following reply: 

“I had research conducted on this matter. Scholars hold two positions on it. Its proponents have found a way to justify it by arguing from some Quranic verses and ahadith. 

“In my view, there is nothing wrong with someone proclaiming these words after reciting the Holy Quran because there is certainly nothing inherently wrong in these words; rather, the truth of the Word of God is being confirmed. However, repeating these words as a ritual without knowing their meaning would be considered a meaningless act.”

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