Should the names of those who leave the Jamaat be removed from the Jamaat’s publications?


Huzooraa was asked regarding the revised edition of Fatawa Masih-e-Maudas and it was suggested that the name of the original publisher, Fakhruddin Multani Sahib, and the preface by him should be removed from the revised edition because he later left Jamaat.

In a letter, dated 26 November 2018, Huzooraa gave a beautiful answer, most befitting to the values and traditions of the Jamaat and said:

“The book contains the fatawa [edicts] of the Promised Messiahas and was compiled by Fakhruddin Multani Sahib in 1935. This book was used in Jamaat literature for a long time but there were numerous errors in the typesetting and the quotations. Therefore, errors relating to the composition and quotations have been corrected in this new edition.

“However, since the original publisher and author of this book was Fakhruddin Multani Sahib, if we were to remove his name and the preface by him from this new edition, it would not be right. Although some friends of the Promised Messiahas had separated themselves from the Jamaat after his demise due to their recklessness, they had been able to serve the Jamaat in various tasks during the blessed time of the Promised Messiahas.

“Thus, their names are included in the written history of Ahmadiyyat. As for your suggestion that we should remove the names of all these individuals and their services from the history of Ahmadiyyat, this is against the ethics and traditions of the Jamaat.

“By the grace of Allah, the Jamaat has now published a book entitled Fiqhul Masih, which contains even more guidance and edicts of the Promised Messiahas than Fatawa Masih-e-Maudas.”

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