Should young children be allowed to call the azan in mosques?


Someone obtained a fatwa from the Jamaat’s Chief Mufti (legal expert) regarding children calling the azan in mosques but held a different view than that of the edict. He then wrote his opinion on the matter to Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa stating that small children should not be allowed to call the azan. 

Huzooraa, in a letter dated 25 December 2019, gave the following reply:

“The answer of Mufti-e-Silsila [the Jamaat’s Mufti] on this issue is absolutely correct and I concur with it. Had there been any conditions for a muazzin [the one who calls the azan], the Holy Prophetsa would have definitely drawn our attention to them in the way that he set out several conditions for leading the Salat. However, regarding azan, the Holy Prophetsa has only said that when it is time for prayers, one of you should call the azan. He did not outline any conditions for the muazzin. Thus, although calling the azan is a virtuous act, it is not such a responsibility that requires extraordinary conditions. On the contrary, every person who has a good voice and knows how to call the azan, can perform this duty. 

“Giving children the opportunity to call the azan encourages them and instils in them a passion for serving the faith, which is an excellent thing. I myself task different children with calling the azan at Masjid Mubarak.” 

(Compiler’s note: The legal opinion of the Mufti-e-Silsila, which was endorsed by Huzooraa in this letter, is also being produced below for the benefit of the readers:)

Questioner: What is the minimum age for calling the azan? Can a child call the azan? 

Mufti-e-Silsila: We could not find any age limit for a muazzin in the Shariah. Therefore, if a child is able to call the azan in the correct manner, then he is allowed to do so.

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