Signs of the Latter Days


On 17 August 1907, the Promised Messiahas stated:

“Today, I received the following revelation at 2am after midnight:

اِنَّ خَبْرَ رَسُوْلِ اللّٰہِ وَاقِعٌ

[The news conveyed by the Messenger of Allah is about to happen. (Tadhkirah [English], p. 992)]

“It can be deduced from this that a prophecy is about to come true. Every two to three months, a sign is manifested. It indicates that the end of the world is near, as it is written that new signs will appear during the Latter Days, and the signs will appear one after another, and that, just as the beads of a tasbih fall one after another when the thread is broken, similarly, the signs will appear one after another. It is astonishing that not a single year goes by without some sign being manifested every two to four months. All the prophets have agreed that the intensity of the signs of the End Times will never have been witnessed before.”

(Malfuzat [1984], Vol. 9, pp. 336-337, Al Hakam, 24 August 1907)

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