Students of Jamia Canada travel to Belize for Waqf-e-Arzi

Munassar Alam, Canada

From 28 August to 12 September 2023, seven students from Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada had the opportunity to do Waqf-e-Arzi in the small Central American nation of Belize. Belize is the only nation in South America with English as the official language, which provides ease for many volunteers coming from outside.

Arsalan Warraich Sahib, Amir and the Missionary-in-Charge of Belize warmly received the students and planned their itinerary for the two weeks. They had the opportunity to engage in a number of Jamaat activities, such as propagating the message of Islam, distributing water to local residents near the mosque, teaching local Jamaat members about Islam, distributing food pantry bags to those in need, and making posters and booklets teaching basic Islamic fundamentals.

Students of Jamia Ahmadiyya were also able to spend time with Rony Sho, an upcoming missionary-in-training. Rony is from the humble Mopan Mayan village of Bladen in the south of Belize, where he lives with his father and his many siblings. Rony’s father graciously gave the Jamaat a plot of land in front of his home to be used as the site for a new mosque,  and his son devoted his life to becoming a missionary. In the past five months, Rony has learned how to offer salat, its translation, how to read the Holy Quran, and basic Islamic fundamentals, as well as the teachings of Ahmadiyyat. Students were instructed by Murabbi Sahib to hold daily classes with him, and students were able to bond with him on the number of excursions they went on. He is to be the second Belizean to become a missionary, insha-Allah, following Ata-ul-Haq Sahib.

Belize, as well as other countries in South America and the Caribbean, have many new jamaats with a lot of work to do. Hence, Arsalan Warraich Sahib was very grateful to the students for offering some of their time to help out in whatever way they could.

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