Tabligh Day observed by Majlis Ansarullah UK

Haris Latif Malik, Additional Qaid Tabligh, Majlis Ansarullah UK

Majlis Ansarullah UK held a National Tabligh Day on 19 February 2023. Its theme was “Stop World War 3”. The programme was announced at the beginning of the year in the Tabligh annual plan and detailed instructions were provided to the regions and majalis weeks before the day through various meetings and communication channels.

On the day, the ansar brothers participated in person and virtually as well. Ansar from 16 regions and many majalis throughout the country gathered in their local towns and city centres to set up stalls. They displayed posters based on various instructions from the addresses of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa about the importance of peace, and leaflets on the same subject were also distributed. Many children participated along with their fathers.

The events started with silent prayer and briefings from allocated locations and then ansar spread in the area with posters and leaflets. These events were held in Wimbledon, South Kensington, Kingston Upon Thames, Fulham, Stratford, Hounslow, Slough, Epsom, Guilford, Birmingham, Nottingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Huddersfield, Wakefield and many more places. Representatives from Qiadat Tabligh of Majlis Ansarullah UK also visited all these locations.

Despite the cold and challenging weather, over 600 Ansar from 111 majalis took part and distributed over 6,000 leaflets and 250 books, along with other literature. Around 250 members of the public engaged in tabligh discussions with the members. Over 500 members used digital platforms and social media to project the message of this campaign.

Members of the public took great interest in these events and appreciated the efforts of Ahmadi Muslims to promote the message of peace. People liked the campaign very much and some asked the ansar to come to their church. Amongst these visitors was also the First Secretary at the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London.

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