Taliban Resurgence: The Anglo-Afghan roots of global terrorism

Asif M Basit, Curator Ahmadiyya Archive and Research Centre The Taliban are back again. Most of Afghanistan is now under their control and the mantra...

Rage against the Raj: Revisiting Jihad in British India

Ahmadiyya ARC That it moves on is seen to be both the worst and the best quality of time; the best when we want it to pass...

Government Angrezi aur Jihad 

The majority of the time that the British ruled the Indian subcontinent was spent in discussions among the Muslims whether Jihad should be waged against them or not. 

Iqtisad Fi Masail Al Jihad

Author: Maulvi Abu Said Muhammad Hussain Batalvi - Published: Victoria Press, Lahore, 1887 

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