Peace Symposium

16th UK Peace Symposium

The Peace Symposium is a key event of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat held at the largest mosque in Western Europe and marks the sixteenth to date.

First Italy Peace Symposium

The Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Italy had its first Peace Symposium in Parma on 29 November 2018. 

Second PAAMA Peace Symposium UK

On Saturday 27 October, the African Peace Symposium hosted by PAAMA UK, was held in the Tahir Hall, Baitul Futuh complex

3rd National Peace Symposium Iceland

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Iceland – with the prayers, blessings and guidance of our beloved Imam – is gradually progressing and marching into the right direction.

Why Hold the Peace Symposium

Huzoor opened his address by voicing a question: Why is this Peace Symposium organised every year when there seems to be no improvement in circumstances? Huzoor answered this question before moving on to the actual topic of the address.

Malta Peace Symposium

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Malta held their 10th Annual Peace Symposium, on Friday 16 March 2018. The theme of the Symposium was “The Challenges of the Twenty-First Century; Education and Peace”.

15th National Peace Symposium

The 15th Peace Symposium was held in Tahir Hall (Baitul Futuh Mosque, London) on Saturday, 17 March 2018.  The theme for this year's event was "Fundamentals of Establishing Lasting Peace".

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