First Italy Peace Symposium


Ataul Wasih Tariq

Missionary, Italy

The Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Italy had its first Peace Symposium in Parma on 29 November 2018. 

The department of Umur-e-Kharija Italy, together with the local Jamaat of Parma, organised this event under the title: Peace and Justice – Our Responsibility. The event was publicised through Facebook and flyer distribution. 

The guests arrived at the location, which is the headquarters of the Christian Saveriani Missionaries in Parma, at 6:30pm for an “Aperitivo” (appetiser) and the programme started at 7:15pm with the recitation of the Holy Quran. After the national president, Abdul Fatir Malik Sahib, introduced the Jamaat to the guests, a message from the municipality of Parma was read out. 

Then Dr Luciano Mazzoni, an anthropologist of religions opened the discussion by presenting the religious representatives with questions on their religious responsibilities to establish peace and justice. Professor Maria Augusta Favali spoke on behalf of the Bahai Faith and Mr Silvio Daneo, Secretary General of Religions of Peace in Italy, spoke of his experience traveling the world for the Focolare Movement. 

After that, the Islamic point of view of establishing peace and justice was presented by myself as missionary of Italy. The programme concluded with a word of thanks by the local president of the Jamaat in Parma, Bashiruddin Twumasi Sahib, and silent prayer. Shoaib Malik Sahib, the national secretary of Umur-e-Kharija moderated the event. 

Among the participants there was a group of students, academics, religious representatives, members of the local administration and Christian missionaries. Although it was a weekday, the guests stayed until 9:45pm, when the programme ended. 

Alhamdolillah, the Jamaat in Parma has since received positive feedback from the guests who showed interest in participating in future events. Parma Jamaat is a Jamaat with a majority of Ghanaian Ahmadis living in Italy and is by the grace of Allah very active in tabligh and Umur-e-Kharija activities. May Allah reward them manifold. 

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