The eventful and blessed life of our Holy Master, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa s.a.


The Holy Prophet Muhammadsa was born in the same year in which Abraha of Yemen attacked the Ka‘bah. Historian Mahmud Pasha Falki, the renowned mathematician, has calculated this year to be 571 CE, agreed upon by many authentic works on the history of Arabia. The date is said to be around 20 April on the Gregorian calendar, while the dates marked on the Islamic calendar are estimated to be on or between 9 and 12 Rabi‘ al-Awwal.

The Holy Prophet Muhammadsa was called to prophethood by Allah the Almighty at the age of 40 and from then started the most remarkable chapter of human history, a brief sketch of which is outlined below:

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The Meccan Years:

1st year – 610: Beginning of the revelation of the Holy Quran

5th year – 614: First migration to Abyssinia

7th year – 615: Siege of Shi‘b Abu Talib; The miracle of the splitting of the moon

10th year – 619: Demise of Hazrat Khadijara and Hazrat Abu Talib; The Holy Prophet Muhammad’ssa Nikah with Hazrat Aishara and Hazrat Saudahra; Journey to Ta‘if.

11th year – 620: Meeting with people of Yathrab (later Medina-tun-Nabi, more commonly Medina)

12th year – 621: Mi‘raj (spiritual ascension)

13th year – 622: Bai‘at (initiation) Aqabah Thaniah; Migration to Medina

The Medinan Years:

1st year – 622: Arrival at Medina; Established Masjid-e-Quba and Masjid-e-Nabawi; The beginning of Azan (the call to prayer); Establishment of brotherhood between Ansar (local residents of Medina) and Muhajirin (the migrants from Mecca); Signed treaty with Jews of the area

2nd year – 623: Change of the qiblah; Received divine commandments regarding Ramadan; First Eid-ul-Fitr; Battle of Badr; Married Hazrat Aishara

3rd year – 624: The Battle of Qainuqa; First Eid-ul-Adha; Nikah of Hazrat Alira with Hazrat Fatimara; Marriage of Hazrat Usmanra with the Holy Prophet’ssa daughter Umm-e-Kulthumra; The Holy Prophet Muhammad’ssa marriage to Hazrat Hafsahra; Battle of Uhud

4th year – 625: The incidents of Raji and Bi‘r-e-Maunah (where a number of the Holy Prophet’ssa companions were betrayed and martyred); The expulsion of Banu Nadir from Medina; The Holy Prophet’ssa marriage to Hazrat Umm-e-Salamahra; Battle of Badr-ul-Mauid

5th year – 626: Battle of Daumat-ul-Jandal; Lunar eclipse in Medina and the eclipse prayer; Battle of Banu Mustaliq; The incident of Ifk (false accusation against Hazrat Aishara); Battle of the Ditch; Battle of Banu Quraizah

6th year – 627: Battle of Banu Lahyan; Acceptance of Islam by Sumamah bin Uthal, a chief of Yamamah; Acceptance of Islam by Abu al-Asra (later the Holy Prophet’ssa son-in-law); The treaty of Hudaibiyah; Bai‘at-e-Rizwan

7th year – 628-629: Letters to various kings inviting them to Islam; Battle of Zi Qird; Battle of Khaybar; Marriage to Hazrat Safiyyahra; Treaty with the people of Fidaq; Conspiracy to poison the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa; Return of migrants from Abyssinia; Acceptance of Islam by Hazrat Abu Hurairahra; Battle of Zatur Riqa; Umratul-Qada

8th year – 629: Battle of Mu‘tah; Conquest of Mecca; Battle of Hunain; Battle of Ta’if; Arrival of Arab delegations to the Holy Prophetsa

9th year – 630: The Battle of Tabuk; Arrival of more Arab delegations; Death of Abdullah bin Ubayy (the notorious hypocrite); Acceptance of Islam by the people of Ta‘if; Muslims offer their first Hajj led by Hazrat Abu Bakrra

10th year – 631: Acceptance of Islam by the chief Adi bin Hatim Tai; Dispatch of Hazrat Abu Musara and Hazrat Muazra to Yemen; Hajjatul-Wida (the last Hajj performed by the Holy Prophetsa)

11th year – 632: Arrival of the last foreign delegation; The Holy Prophet’ssa final illness; Sariyya (troop) led by Hazrat Usama bin Zaidra. The sad demise of the Holy Prophetsa

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