The generosity and resolve of our community


As the Promised Messiahas began to write the book Masih Hindustan Mein (Jesus in India), in order to address the various demands of this book in terms of content, he deemed it appropriate to dispatch a few individuals from his community on a research expedition to Nasibain, whose task was to visit the relevant regions and look into the relics that are reported to exist there. He said the following in this context: 

“Now, I would also like to express that on this occasion, our community has demonstrated forbearance and resolve in two forms. Firstly, there is this group of people who will undertake this expedition and have thus subjected themselves to the perils of this journey, and who have prepared themselves to bear those trials and tribulations that will confront them on this path. Secondly, there are those members of the community who have always made financial contributions to my religious objectives and endeavours open-heartedly. I feel no need to elaborate on this, because each and every one in my community, more or less, contributes according to their own ability and strength, and Allah Almighty knows best the sincerity and loyalty with which these people make financial contributions.

I know full well that the members of my community have demonstrated the example that was set by the companions of the Holy Prophetsa when they were passing through a time of hardship. In my previous announcement, although I only listed the names of a few friends, who demonstrated a model of loyalty and resolve, this does not mean that I am ignorant of others or their worthy services. I am well aware of those who hasten towards me with fervour and sincerity. As I was ill and even now since I am unwell, I was unable to write all of the specific details, nor was such detail possible in a short announcement. Therefore, those people whose names have not been mentioned in the announcement should not grieve. Allah the Exalted knows well the level of their devotion and sincerity.”

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Volume II, p. 55)

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