The Living God in the age of materialism and atheism – Hazrat Khalifatul Masih delivers concluding dars of Ramadan 2019

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On Tuesday, 4 June, at 12:32pm, Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa arrived at the Mubarak Mosque, Islamabad to deliver the final dars of the Holy Quran for Ramadan 2019. 

Huzooraa began the dars with the recitation of the final three chapters – Surah al-Ikhlas, Surah al-Falaq and Surah al-Nas – followed by their Urdu translation. 

Huzooraa then began the commentary of the three verses by quoting an extract from the writings of the Promised Messiahas in which Huzooras explained that God Almighty is Independent in all His attributes, everyone seeks blessings from Him and He is the sole Being Who blesses.

In another extract, the Promised Messiahas mentioned that Allah is the Being Who is free from all flaws and Who possesses the perfect attributes. 

Huzooraa said:

“Allah is the name of that Being who is the carrier of all attributes. Allah is the personal name of God and it is only Islam that has given this name; no other religion or Shariah uses this name. This is the God Who is free from any associates or partners. Using the word Ahad, believers have been told to proclaim the unity of Allah.”

Huzooraa then explained, 

“Athesists think that God is not a Being and the world came into existence itself and that no deity has any control over the universe. On the other hand, they do believe that due to their own control, they can bring about change through their own efforts. God tells us to explain to such people that they are false. God exists and He is free from all blemishes and is the carrier of all attributes.”

Huzooraa then went on to talk about the mercy of God and how He has provided means for our physical sustenance without us asking. He has provided us water, but at the same time, he has also provided spiritual water of which irreligious people do not take advantage. 

Huzooraa then quoted multiple verses of the Holy Quran that show how Allah has complete control over the universe, how He has provided ease for us in our day to day lives and provided sustenance for us in the earth. 

Huzooraa explained that it was the mercy of God that He has not sent down the full weight of natural calamities on the people who are causing disorder in the earth. People commonly ask why such people are not captured by God and reprimanded, however God Almighty states at different places that He gives such people respite. 

Even the biggest superpowers on the earth cannot stop natural disasters. If they come to God Almighty, only then can they seek protection from these calamities and it is only God Who can halt them. Huzooraa recalled an incident that occurred a few years ago, saying:

“While on a tour in Fiji, one day early in the morning before Fajr, I received phone calls from Nazir-e-Ala in Pakistan and the news had it on BBC that a severe Tsunami was headed for Fiji that would cause devastation. There was great panic. Various loved ones began calling too. The time for prayer came and we left our residence for the mosque. Before prayer, I announced to all worshippers that in our prostrations we would pray for Allah to divert this Tsunami elsewhere. I would pray and I told them that they should follow me in this. We prayed and Allah bestowed calm there and then. When we returned, we realised that the Tsunami had diverted. This is God’s power. Superpowers cannot halt these calamities, however He listens to the prayers of His servants, His believers, His worshippers.”

Huzooraa explained that in this time of polytheism and atheism, we must inform the world about the unique attributes of God. 

In an age when the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa and Islam are targets of opposition and contempt, Huzooraa said that it is incumbent upon us to follow the path that Allah has drawn out for us. 

There are constant efforts to cripple and weaken the state of Islam and the reaction of certain Muslim groups are strengthening such intentions. Huzooraa explained that it was for such reasons that Allah had taught the prayer:

“And from the evil of the night when it overspreads; And from the evil of those who blow into knots [to undo them].” (Surah al-Falaq, Ch.113: V.4-5)

Similarly, many efforts have been made to establish a khilafat, and when a considerable amount of money was spent in this cause, people have written that groups such as Daesh was functioning as a result of the world’s superpowers and their funding. According to analysts, such a long war with seemingly unending resources would not have lasted as long as it did. Nonetheless, Huzooraa said, the purpose of this was to cripple the state of Islam. 

“Once, during a tour in Ireland, I was asked by a journalist that terrorists and rebellious groups would not succeed due to standing up to governments. However, now that Khilafat has been established and Muslims had united by this, I was asked, would it not be different? I explained that this group was a terrorist and extremist organisation similar to how groups had risen in the past and as previous groups desired to only spread unrest, this group would also not be successful and would end miserably as Khilafat can only be bestowed by God. Thus, we see that the 3-4-year hue and cry has now died down and very few remnants of this leadership are left today.”

Huzooraa said that such efforts cannot be successful. Such efforts to cripple the state of the believers have been made in the past, but just as those were never successful, similarly, these efforts would go in vain. We must, as believers, establish a living connection with our Lord and follow every command of Allah. 

While we should be thankful to our parents, loved ones, benefactors and governments that have provided us ease, we should never forget that this is done under the command of Allah, and we must naturally be grateful to Allah who is “the Lord of mankind, the King of mankind” and “the God of mankind” (Surah al-Nas, Ch.114: V.2-4)

In circumstances when nations have decided to severely oppose Ahmadis, we Ahmadi Muslims must realise that it is only Allah the Almighty Who can protect us from the evil intentions of such groups. We should only seek His protection as only He can make positive changes. May Allah grant all Ahmadis the strength to do this. 

Before dua, Huzoor said that we should pray for the following:

We should pray for the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa and his progeny. 

We should pray that Muslims realise the real purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiahas and that all Ahmadis are protected from all harms. May the Muslims become united once again. Huzooraa said that it was as a result of this division that external groups take advantage and are able to further divide Muslims. 

We should pray for the worldwide Ahmadiyya Jamaat that Allah may keep every single member in His protection and that everyone may be attached with Khilafat. Similarly, may Allah make it so that all office-bearers are such that they realise their responsibilities and other Ahmadis are such who respect office-bearers within the Jamaat. May all office-bearers fulfil the rights of all Ahmadis. 

We should pray that we are protected from the evils of today and the direction the world is headed, i.e. worldwide catastrophe. May Allah protect everyone from warfare. 

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We should pray that we fulfil the responsibility of spreading Islam to the corners of the earth. 

We should pray for shuhada-e-Ahmadiyyat and their families. May Allah protect their families Himself and keep them from every worry. May Allah keep asiran (prisoners in the way of Allah) in His protection and grant their families happiness once again. 

We should pray that all those who are ill are granted health; those who are in debts are quickly given the means to pay off their debts; all groups who are targeted in any form of opposition that Allah may help them. 

We should pray that family feuds end. We should pray for orphans, for those young women who have reached the age of marriage but are not yet married; widows; those students who are about to take examinations; labourers; people with businesses; those in litigations.

We should pray for the Darwesh of Qadian and the residents of Rabwah that Allah may create means for us to travel their once again.

Huzooraa said that after shifting to Islamabad from the Fazl Mosque, many of the local Ahmadis raised a hue and cry that they were sad due to the shift and that the place felt empty. Huzooraa said that they should think of the people of Rabwah who, for the last 35 years, have hoped that the conditions would soon become favourable for Khilafat to return. Thus, we should pray for them. 

We should pray for all those in different sorts of anguishes and worries. Then we should pray for those who sacrifice financially for the cause of the Jamaat. We should pray for the workers of the Jamaat, the staff of MTA in countries abroad and locally. We should pray for MTA Africa and other studios like Indonesia and Germany; may they be able to spread the true message of Islam in the best manner in their local languages.

After reciting Durood Shareef, Huzooraa recited some prayers, which included the following:

اللہم انا نجعلک فی نحورہم و نعوذبک من شرورہم 

لا الہ الا اللہ العظیم الحلیم  لا الہ الا اللہ رب عرش العظیم لا الہ الا اللہ رب السماوات  و رب الارض و رب العرش الکریم

اللہم انی اسئلک حبک و حب من یحبک والعمل الذی یبلغنی حبک اللہم اجعل حبک احب الی من نفسی و اہلی  و من الماءالبارد 

یا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلبی علی دینک

اللہم لا تقتلنا بغضبک ولا تہلکنا بعذابک  و عافنا قبل ذلک

ربنا  ظلمنا انفسنا و ان لم تغفر لنا و ترحمنا لنکونن من الخاسرین 

ربنا لا تزغ قلوبنا بعد اذ ہدیتنا  و ہب لنا من لدنک رحمة انک انت الوہاب

ربنا آتنا فی الدنیا حسنة و فی الآخرة حسنة و قنا عذاب النار

ربنا اننا سمعنا منادیا ینادی للایمان ۔ ربنا آمنا فاکتبنا مع الشاہدین

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