The meaning of “The Father of Fire” and “The woman carrying firewood”


The term, “the Father of Fire” (Abu Lahab) in the Holy Quran implies a general connotation and does not refer to a specific individual. This term refers to any such person who possesses a flaming or fiery disposition. In the same manner, “the woman carrying firewood” (hammala-tal-hatab) refers to any backbiting woman who engages in slandering and lighting the fire of mischief among men.

Saadi says:

سخن چین بد بخت ہیزم کش است

“The wretched backbiter only adds firewood to the flame.”

Prayer ought to evoke desire

Upon hearing an allegation in relation to Surah Lahab, the Promised Messiahas said:

Material wealth and worldly rule are not a cause for envy. Prayer ought to evoke our desire. Today, I prayed profusely for all those of my friends whose names or faces I could remember, whether they are present or not. I prayed so fervently that if I had prayed on a dry branch, it would have become lush green. This is a grand sign for our friends. (May Allah reward you with good in both worlds. – Editor)

All praise belongs to Allah that the month of Ramadan has passed. We were blessed with health and vigour during these days. God knows who will live to see the following year, and who knows if they will be present come next year? Then how unfortunate would it be if we were to forget those members of the community that have passed away. The Promised Messiahas stated this when a list of those people was being prepared who were still alive.

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 1, p. 244)

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