The Promised Messiah Day commemorated in Dallas, USA


Syed Shamshad Nasir, Missionary, USA

Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Dallas, USA held Masih-e-Maud Day Jalsa on 21 March 2021, via Zoom. 

The Jalsa started with the recitation of the Holy Quran with translation, followed by a poem from Durr-e-Sameen, with its English translation as well. 

The first speaker was Khaleeq Rehman Sahib, and the topic of his speech was “The Significance of 23 March 1889”. He explained in detail the background related to this day in the Jamaat’s history. 

Sheraz Ahmed Sahib spoke on the topic of “Beliefs and responsibilities as an Ahmadi to fulfill”. He explained the beliefs as stated by the Promised Messiahas and also reminded us what the Promised Messiahas expected from all of us by presenting ten conditions of bai‘at. 

The last speech was delivered by Suhail Kausar Sahib, on the topic of “The Promised Messiahas and the Revival of Islam”. He explained the topic in detail using references from the Holy Quran, ahadith and the writings of the Promised Messiahas

At the end, Sadr Dallas Jamaat, Dr Hamid Sheikh Sahib highlighted the importance of this day. 

We had 105 participants during the Jalsa.

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