The purpose of sacrificing one’s life and wealth


Hazrat Mir Muhammad Ishaqra

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I wish to elaborate upon the Hadith in which Hazrat Saadra sought permission from the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, to donate a third of his inheritance in alms and the Holy Prophetsa granting him permission. The purpose of sacrificing one’s life and wealth is to ensure the spiritual reformation and progress of mankind. It is for this reason that two laws operate; the Shariah and the law of nature. At times, Allah the Almighty reforms mankind through the law of nature, for example, giving the commandment to fast so that through hunger, man is able to purify himself. In the same manner, Allah gave the commandment to pay Zakat, which ensures the poor and destitute are helped through wealth.

Now, some people make things easier for themselves, for example while fasting, if they are thirsty, they go and take a shower. There is no harm in this because [the Holy Prophetsa has said] “Religion is ease”. However, some people do not take benefit from the law of the Shariah (which offers a lot of ease as well). They avoid acting upon the Shariah, for example, some people do not offer Zakat or try to escape keeping fasts and offering Salat. Such people are punished by the law of nature. If a person tries to avoid paying 1/40 of his wealth i.e. Zakat, it is possible that through some misfortune, he loses all of his wealth or half of it. Or if a person tries to avoid serving religion, seeking rest and comfort, it is quite possible that he contracts a disease that troubles him night and day.

Thus, a person should not try to avoid the law of Shariah, rather they should partake in it with great enthusiasm and passion. And beyond one’s own pleasure, they should sacrifice as much as possible in order to avoid the devastating grip of the law of nature.

(Originally published in Al Fazl on 13 January 1940 [page 3] in the form of notes taken by Mahmood Ahmad Khalil Sahib from the lectures on hadith by Hazrat Mir Muhammad Ishaqra, brother-in-law of the Promised Messiahas)

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