The Purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiah: To develop a living faith in the Living God


Lalah Keshudas, Tehsildar of Batala, coincidentally happened to visit Qadian and so he came to see the Promised Messiahas. He submitted to His Holiness that he was very fond of visiting holy men and it was due to this very desire that he had come to visit the Promised Messiahas. His Holiness said:

“There is no doubt that if you did not possess a love for those filled with goodwill, why would you come to visit me? For why would a worldly man bother to visit someone who sits secluded in a corner away from the rest of the world? This requires an affinity of natures.

The fact of the matter is that when man is a mortal being, when there is no telling when death will arrive, and when life is transitory, how crucial it is for him to become constantly engaged in seeking his own reformation and prosperity. However, I observe that the people of the world are so obsessed in their own preoccupations, that they are not the least concerned or worried for the hereafter. They are becoming so indifferent towards God Almighty, that it is as if He did not exist at all. In these circumstances, when the state of the world is becoming so weak in faith, Allah the Exalted has appointed me and sent me so that I may show them the path which leads to a living belief in the Living God.

As is the general law of God, many people who are deprived of good nature and guidance, who do not fear God and are bereft of a sense of justice, have declared me to be false and have named me a liar. They left no stone unturned in causing me grief and strove to harm me. They issued edicts of disbelief against me so that the Muslims would think ill of me and submitted false reports about me to the government to incite the authorities against me. They brought forth false lawsuits against me, cursed me and conspired to kill me. In short, what did they not do? But my God stands by my side at all times. He informed me in advance of their every scheme and revealed to me the final end of each. Ultimately, everything transpired exactly as God had informed me long ago.

However, there are those who have been blessed with a good nature, fear of God and the light of faith; those who recognised me and who flocked around me to partake of that light, which God has conferred upon me in the form of enlightenment and divine insight. These people include distinguished scholars, graduates, lawyers, doctors, honourable government officials, merchants, landlords and common people as well. It is unfortunate that our unworthy opponents cannot even bring themselves to at least listen calmly to the truth that I present. For they are empty of such lofty morals. Otherwise, devotion to the truth demands the following:

مرد باید کہ گیرد اندر گوش گر نوشت ست پند بر دیوار

A man ought to put into his ear; a piece of advice, even if written on a wall.”

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 2, pp. 45-47)

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