Those for whom the angels fast


Frasat Ahmad, Missionary, USA

For those heartbroken Muslims who cannot fast this year because they are stricken with Covid-19 (or any other ailment), know one thing. The Messiah has come, and he has a message for you: The angels will fast for you. And you shall have your reward in full. (Malfuzat, Vol. 4, p. 258)

You must, however, do one thing. You must supplicate God with such intensity and fervour that the Heavens reverberate and resound with the echoes of your sobs. And you must beg God with this prayer: 

“Oh my Allah! This is your Blessed Month, and I am being deprived of its blessings. I know not whether I will live to see next year, or whether I will ever be able to fulfill the fasts I have missed. Do bestow upon me, through Your Grace, the strength to fast.” (Ibid)

You must reinforce this prayer with the utmost determination and resolve to fast, says the Messiah. Ultimately, even if your ailment prevents you from fasting, though your heart yearns to do so, you shall not be deprived of its blessings. Your illness will be a source of mercy for you, and the Angels shall fast for you. You will see your reward in full. 

For those (healthy) Muslims who fear that fasting will weaken their immune system and leave them more susceptible to contracting Covid-19, know one thing. The Messiah has come, and he has a message for you:

“God is All-Powerful. If He so Wills, He can bestow the strength to fast upon one who is afflicted with tuberculosis.” (Ibid)

Worry not. The World Health Organization affirms: “Healthy people should be able to fast during this Ramadan as in previous years.”


For those (healthy) Muslims who shrewdly look to excuse themselves from fasting, the Messiah desires you to strive through and shun such excuses; the importance of this divine blessing must not be ignored. No person can deceive God Almighty, faulty excuses hold no value in His Eyes. (Malfuzat, Vol. 4, p. 259)

For the Muslim world holding its breath in anticipation for Ramadan, Allah has a message for you. The Messiah has come, and his name is Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas of Qadian.  

“اس تاریکی کے زمانہ کا نور میں ہی ہوں”

“I am the light in this age of darkness.”

ہیں درندے ہر طرف میں عافیت کا ہوں حصار

“All around roam wild beasts [while] I am the fortress of security and peace.”

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