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Raza Ahmad, Missionary Jamaat UK

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Khilafat is the greatest blessing we have in this world. For an Ahmadi there is absolutely no doubt about this fact. It is a source of blessings and guidance for millions of people around the globe. Whenever we are in need of counselling as to what path we should take in our lives, we write and turn to our beloved Imam, Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa.

Waqifeen-e-Nau often ask Huzooraa what career path they should adopt so that they can serve the Jamaat in the best possible manner. After seeking guidance from their beloved Imamaa, some decide to go into the field of research, while others opt for engineering or pursue medical careers. And then you have those who dedicate themselves solely for the propagation of Islam Ahmadiyyat and the strengthening of the Jamaat.

The year 2012 is of great significance in this regard as this was the year the first batch of students graduated Jamia Ahmadiyya UK. 23 new missionaries were ready to be offered for services of the Jamaat. These were the first fruits of the direct tarbiyat of our beloved Imamaa and now they were being sent far and wide as representatives of the Imam of time.

It is quite obvious that after graduating, the relationship between student and teacher changes. We no longer remain the young students who are being taught the vast knowledge of religion; who can turn to their teacher for every question even if it is for the tenth time; whose faults and mistakes are sometimes overlooked to teach us another lesson of life.

Yes, this teacher of ours remains our teacher for the rest of our lives. He still has love for his students, but now, it is time for the student to put into practice what the Khalifa taught him with so much care and love over the past years.

The responsibility of being the representative of a Khalifa is something that none of us are worthy of carrying, but this is what our Imamaa expects of us, so we try our utmost with patience, prayer and obedience. It is impossible for an Ahmadi, including missionaries, to fulfil our roles and duties in the best possible manner without having a relationship with Khilafat.

Khilafat is the fuel that keeps us going and this is the flame of love and obedience that Huzooraa has ignited and put into the heart and mind of every Jamia student who was blessed of having undergone that direct or indirect tarbiyat through the hands of Khalifatul Masih himself.

Every instruction, every wish and every expectation of Khilafat has to be fulfilled and acted upon by the missionaries first, before we can even mention beloved Huzoor’saa instructions to any member of the Jamaat.

Missionary meetings since 2016

One of these instructions was received by Missionary-in-Charge UK, Imam Ataul Mujeeb Rashed Sahib some three years ago when beloved Huzooraa instructed him to have monthly meetings with all missionaries in different locations throughout the UK. Imam Sahib did not waste any time in following this instruction and so, our first meeting took place in Baitul Futuh Mosque in February 2016.

It was Huzoor’saa instruction to have it in a different location every time so that missionaries could see for themselves all the mosques and properties of the Jamaat in the UK. With the increase of new buildings and mosques, by the grace of Allah, it took us almost three years and now, this round will be completed close to Jalsa UK 2020, Insha-Allah.

From the first meeting until today, we have had the honour of holding 36 monthly meetings in 28 different mosques and venues across the UK, Alhamdolillah. Hence, this report also intends to give a map to the readers of where these meetings have been conducted.

Our last meeting for the year that was 2019 took place in Islamabad which was a rather historic and very significant meeting as it was the first time it was held there since the move of Khilafat from London.

We also had the opportunity to offer three prayers behind Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa. Imam Ataul Mujeeb Rashed Sahib regularly reports back to Huzooraa about every meeting that was held and receives direct guidance from Huzooraa. We have no words to describe how fortunate we are to be living and serving in the Jamaat that is blessed with having Khilafat in their midst.

At the same time, though this is a fact that the fifth successor of the Promised Messiahas lives in the same country we have the honour of serving in, it demands from all 29 missionaries in the UK to work harder, pray and seek forgiveness more than anyone else and be obedient to a level higher than anyone else in the world.

May Allah enable us to do so. Amin.

29 December 2019 meeting

In the 29 December meeting, Ataul Mujeeb Rashed Sahib reminded us about our monthly reports we send to Huzooraa and the importance of being regular in this regard. Every month, we receive valuable guidance and instructions directly from Huzooraa through Imam Ataul Mujeeb Sahib and we have an opportunity to review our activities, exchange ideas with our colleagues and seniors and learn from each other on how to further improve in our work.

Ataul Mujeeb Rashed Sahib then went through an article published in Al Fazl (27 December 2019) which was about a meeting with missionaries in the USA. In that meeting, Huzooraa gave some very pertinent guidelines for missionaries on how to increase attendance at prayers, increase one’s knowledge and what the conduct and behaviour of a missionary should be in general. Huzooraa said that even if nobody comes to prayers, it is the duty of the missionary to open the doors to the mosque, call the Azan and offer his prayers in the mosque. He also instructed the missionaries to occupy their offices and plan their work ahead for the next three months.

Similarly, Huzooraa said that as missionaries, we must never waste time and keep ourselves occupied with reading books of the Promised Messiahas or any other books that can increase our knowledge. In particular, Huzooraa mentioned Essence of Islam and the commentary on the Holy Quran of the Promised Messiahas.

In a similar meeting with missionaries of Canada, Huzooraa reminded missionaries that now that they were missionaries, they should never forget that Allah is always watching and so, we must observe our responsibilities and duties with sincerity and honesty.

After this, Imam Ataul Mujeeb Sahib asked for an update on the Seerat-ul-Nabi Jalsas and meetings held in different regions of the UK, which was submitted to him by the missionaries in writing. This was followed by some discussions on the national leaflet campaign rolled out by the national tabligh department UK, after which Imam Ataul Mujeeb Sahib conveyed the message of the Al Fazl newspaper to help them increase the number of subscriptions.

Various points were raised about the blessings and benefits of Jamaat publications such as Al Fazl, Al Hakam, The Review of Religions as well as Guldasta Ilm-o-Adab and other newspapers and magazines of the Jamaat.

During this meeting, Ataul Mujeeb Rashed Sahib informed the missionaries that one of our colleagues, Attaur Rahman Khalid Sahib, who is currently serving in Baitul Wahid, Feltham had been transferred by Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa to Ireland where he would be serving from the following month. We wish him well in his future endeavours that may Allah enable him, as well as every missionary, to live up to the expectations of our beloved Imam, Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa and serve Islam Ahmadiyyat in a way that is befitting of a missionary and pleasing in the sight of Allah. Amin.

Lastly, Imam Ataul Mujeeb Sahib asked for ideas and suggestions regarding our upcoming refresher course. This refresher course was also started on the instructions of Huzooraa, which prove to be a great source of bonding and exchange of information, as well as education for all of us.

The greatest blessing attached to the refresher courses (when they take place near the residence of Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa) is that we are blessed with the opportunity to offer prayers behind Huzooraa. The 2-hour meeting ended with silent prayer.

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