‘Voices for Peace’ walk held by the Ahmadiyya school in Calgary, Canada

Kalim Ahmed, Naib Local Amir, Calgary

Students at the Ahmadiyya Muslim School Calgary (AMS) organised a “Voices for Peace” walk on 25 January 2024, attended by approximately 165 students and school staff. The walk took place around Prairie Winds Park. Students carried placards displaying messages of peace and the immediate need for a ceasefire in Gaza. The walk aimed to foster understanding and tolerance in response to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

The students wrote letters to their members of parliament, emphasising the urgent need for a ceasefire. Furthermore, a ribbon sale held at the school successfully raised over $1000 for the Humanity First Middle East Crisis Fund.

The positive impact of this initiative was further amplified by extensive media coverage from mainstream channels such as CTV and Global News, highlighting the students’ commitment to addressing the conflict as an integral part of their education and advocating for peace.

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