Switzerland Waqifaat-e-Nau have audience with Huzoor


On 21 April, a group of Waqf-e-Nau from Switzerland travelled to Islamabad to meet with their Imam, Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa.

The mulaqat began with a young Lajna  member saying Jazakallah to Huzooraa. When Huzooraa asked as to why she had said this, she replied by saying that it was for Huzoor’s efforts and prayers – day and night – for the progress of the Jamaat. The same Waqifa-e-Nau asked Huzooraa about his opinion on climate change. Huzoor said that plantations should be increased, carbon emissions should be reduced and a more climate-friendly lifestyle should be adopted. Huzooraa also added that this was something that could only be done through a global effort. 

Huzooraa was also asked how the Lahori Jamaat came into being? Huzooraa explained that now it was almost non-existent. Huzooraa then further explained the beliefs that were held by its followers as well as why they were incorrect and how it was Khilafat that was intended to be established after the Promised Messiah’sas demise. 

Many have read the history surrounding this – but Huzoor’s narration of the fold of events as to how Allah the Exalted strengthened Khilafat at the hands of Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra had a certain attraction that cannot be found in pages. 

“Only the equivalent of 50 cents were left behind in the treasury after the Lahoris left as they took the wealth of the Jamaat. But what happened? Allah the Exalted granted progress to the Jamaat under Khilafat and the Jamaat became established in 212 countries of the world. But the Paighamis are still in the same place where they were when they started.” 

Huzooraa also stated that when he visited Fiji, some Paighamis met him and asked to enter the Jamaat.

On the topic of euthanasia, Huzooraa stated that Islam did not allow this, further adding that the pain that we face is a way of effacing our sins. The right of life and death is in the hands of God and whoso takes that right into their own hands commits a sin. Huzooraa stated that euthanasia is forbidden in the same way that suicide is. 

A Waqifa-e-Nau asked Huzooraa to what degree our fate is sealed and whether it can be changed through prayers. Huzooraa explained: 

“Allah the Almighty has knowledge of everything. Allah the Exalted knows that such and such person will act in a certain way. There are two types of decrees; one that cannot be changed such as death – though you may be able to prolong your life, but in the end everyone shall pass away. Some decrees are such, for example, if you place your hand in a snake’s nest, then the snake will bite you. If you then say that I placed my hand thinking divine providence shall save me, then this is incorrect. Hence, precautions have to be taken. The Holy Prophet Muhammadsa asked one of his companions who lost his camel as to whether he tied it to something. The companion replied by saying ‘I relied upon God in this matter.’ The Holy Prophetsa stated that first tie the camel, then turn to reliance upon God. Hence, Allah the Almighty knows whether you are going to make a mistake or not, but if you are careful and abstain from this, then the decree begins to change. Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra also stated that you should not sit idle, waiting for your destiny, but rather go out and achieve it; it is then that Allah also helps you. It is the way of those who are pessimistic to say that such and such thing was just destiny. This is not the case. Destiny can change. Some parts of it are unalterable and some are liable to change, and this is through a person’s actions.”

A young girl asked Huzooraa what should be done about parents who tell their children to pray but themselves do not. Huzooraa stated that it was wrong as they then lose the right to tell their children to offer Salat. The Holy Quran states that it is wrong to tell others to do something that you yourself do not do. Huzooraa further pointed out that when such children grow older they become rebellious as they do not see their own parents acting upon what they tell them to do, and thus tarbiyat issues arise. 

A question was asked whether there is any truth to someone claiming their sixth sense inclined them towards something and it turned out to be reality. Huzooraa stated that sometimes it is just intuition and a kind of feeling is created that something is about to happen which is from Allah the Almighty. However, this is not like something that is revealed from God. It is simply a feeling that is generated based upon someone’s surroundings. Huzooraa stated that if someone ever has this feeling that something bad is about to take place, then one should give Sadaqa to be safeguarded from its evils. 

A moving question was asked by a young girl, about after Huzooraa became Khalifa and how Huzoor’s mother addressed him. Huzoor replied, “By my name” and added “She was there [in Rabwah] and I was here, so there was not much opportunity for her to address me. We met in Qadian and she would address me without using my name.” 

 The mulaqat lasted around half an hour in which Huzooraa answered all questions in a serene and joyful environment. At the end, Huzooraa distributed pens to all Waqifaat. 

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