What are the duties of Ahmadi mothers and the administration of Lajna Imaillah?


During a virtual mulaqat of Lajna Imaillah Canada’s national amila with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa, held on 16 August 2020, Huzooraa drew the attention of amila members to various aspects of tarbiyat and gave them the following instructions: 

“Educate mothers to have friendly relationships with their daughters that study here. If mothers are not fully aware of their exposure outside in universities and colleges, then they should be helped by you [the administration of Lajna Imaillah]. However, despite that, they should also continue to have a connection with their daughters. 

“On the other hand, educate the girls, that regardless of the education they attain, their pledge of always giving precedence to their faith over worldly matters should be kept in mind. And what is that? It is that they should not just become completely immersed in worldly matters. They should also be made to realise that upon coming here, Allah the Exalted blessed them in worldly terms and the right way to be truly grateful to Him for those blessings is to become attached to faith as much as possible. 

“This issue is mostly also related to boys. Thus, there is a need for tarbiyat by mothers because boys also remain under their mothers’ influence up until the age of 15 or at least up until they are 13 to 14. Then again, there is further need for tarbiyat by mothers because the fathers’ responsibility of doing tarbiyat will also have to be borne by them. This is so because there is a lack of tarbiyat amongst the men. 

“I do not say that they have free reign to do as they please and that only women are to carry out all the responsibilities. Men also bear responsibility. However, you will also have to take up this challenge in terms of tarbiyat so that you may train the boys who are of a younger age, the age of Atfal, in such a manner that when they become Khuddam, they are attached to the Jamaat. Similarly, when girls come into Lajna from Nasirat, they should be attached to the Jamaat. 

“In view of the influence of the environment of this society, where certain matters are taught explicitly and certain questions are raised explicitly, you need to answer their questions openly. The way to do it is this; make a survey and create a questionnaire and send it to every majlis [local chapter]. Tell the girls that they do not have to put their names on it. They should just express whatever questions they may have on their minds regarding religion or the world, or about the difference between the two, or any doubts they may have. Then, try to answer them at the Lajna level in different forums. And send them here to me. We can also produce programmes on them here and can answer them on MTA as well. Then, an MTA studio has also been established there now. You can produce a programme there by coordinating with MTA. The Lajna can make a programme and give answers to those questions without mentioning any names. [You can say] such and such issues are raised in the world nowadays. These are the questions that arise and due to this, the minds of some of our girls are also being polluted, and you can discuss how we can purify them. There are some matters which you can openly discuss on MTA and some which you cannot, which will have to be answered at a personal level. Then, the anonymous questions that you receive can be posted on the Internet by making such a forum where such questions can be answered for tarbiyat. So nowadays, there are very big challenges that the media and other people have thrown down at us in this era in order to create doubts. 

“Then, in the name of so-called education, some girls who think that they are highly educated, believe that perhaps Islam’s teachings are very backwards, even though today, there is no other religious teaching compared to the teaching of Islam which is modern and can adjust to the age.”

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