What are the facts behind the Battle of the Camel and the allegations against Hazrat Umar (ra)?


Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa was asked about the causes and the truth behind the Battle of the Camel, as some people allege that Hazrat Umarra had mercilessly beaten Hazrat Fatimara, due to which Hazrat Fatimara lost her pregnancy. 

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa, in a letter dated 21 November 2019, gave the following reply: 

“The allegation against Hazrat Umarra regarding Hazrat Fatimara is utterly absurd, unfair and contrary to actual events and facts. Hazrat Fatimara was only alive for a few months after the demise of the Holy Prophetsa. She spent most of that time in illness. 

“Moreover, Hazrat Fatimara was the daughter of the Holy Prophetsa. How could Hazrat Umarra ever treat her in such a cruel manner? Hazrat Umarra would show immense love to even those people who were merely associated with the Holy Prophetsa even if they were not his physical progeny. 

“Hence, on one occasion, Hazrat Umar’sra son, Hazrat Abdullahra, asked him as to why he had allocated less allowance for him than Usamara ibn Zaid. Hazrat Umarra replied, ‘Usama was more beloved to the Holy Prophetsa than you and his father (Hazrat Zaidra ibn Harithah) was dearer to him than your father (i.e. Hazrat Umarra). That is why I have given more allowance to him.’

“Thus, to allege that the person who preferred the son of the Holy Prophet’ssa servant over his own son so much and had maltreated the physical progeny of the Holy Prophetsa, cannot be correct by any measure. This is a completely false allegation against Hazrat Umarra by his enemies. 

“As far as the reality of the Battle of the Camel is concerned, there is no doubt that this war was fought between two groups of Muslims; they were the armies of Hazrat Alira and Hazrat Aishara. No other battle that Muslims fought was as bloody as this one. Many Muslims, including great generals and men of great valour, were killed. However, the culprits behind this entire episode were the same seditious insurrectionists who had occupied Medina after killing Hazrat Uthmanra. This war was also provoked by those miscreants by creating a misunderstanding between the two Muslim groups and by instigating many mischievous acts themselves. 

“Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra has discussed this subject at great length in Waqiat-e-Khilafat-e-Alawi. Read that too.”

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