What are the responsibilities of the members of Lajna Imaillah?


During a virtual mulaqat of the national amila of Lajna Imaillah Bangladesh with Huzooraa, which was held on 14 November 2020, Huzooraa drew the attention of the members of Lajna and Nasirat to various aspects of tarbiyat and gave them the following instructions: 

“The tarbiyat of Lajna [members] should be carried out in a way that it should be their regular habit to dress in a modest way and to observe purdah. When they go out, they should not dress in a manner that could invite the attention of the wicked kind of men to leer at them. They ought to observe purdah when they go out. You should ensure and always be mindful that Ahmadi ladies, young and old, are distinct from others.

“Moreover, inculcate the habit in members of Lajna Imaillah that every one of them offers the five daily prayers regularly. Try to ensure that every member of Lajna recites the Holy Quran daily. 

“You also ought to try and draw the attention of the younger members to find suitable spouses within the Jamaat as opposed to outside of the Jamaat. 

“You should inculcate this habit in the women who are working, whether young or old, that they dress modestly in their workplaces and that they observe purdah while at work. 

“Likewise, you should hold tarbiyat seminars and invite the younger generation to attend those seminars. During those seminars, explain to them the commandments of Allah and His Prophetsa and the wisdom behind them and teach them that they should undertake their tarbiyat according to those commandments.”

During the same mulaqat, while shedding further light on the importance of the tarbiyat of Nasirat, Huzooraa said: 

“Devise such tarbiyat programmes for the Nasirat which ensure that their tarbiyat is done properly, which means that they develop the habit of offering the Salat regularly, reciting the Holy Quran regularly, praying regularly, and listening to my sermon on MTA regularly. If you ensure the good tarbiyat of Nasirat, they will work more efficiently once they join Lajna Imaillah. If you ensure the good moral training of Nasirat, then insha-Allah, it will greatly raise the standard of the members of your Lajna too. Hence, try that you are able to do good tarbiyat of Nasirat.”

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