What are the responsibilities of Waqifat-e-Nau girls after marriage?


During a Gulshan-e-Waqf-e-Nau class with Lajna and Nasirat in Melbourne, Australia on 12 October 2013, a member of Lajna Imaillah asked Huzooraa as to how they could perform their roles properly as Waqifat-e-Nau after marriage and assume responsibilities for their household, family and children. Huzooraa gave the following answer:

“To fulfil your role of Waqf-e-Nau properly, you should firstly offer the five obligatory prayers in a proper manner. If you can offer Tahajud prayer, then do so. Study the Holy Quran with its translation. If you have been assigned any work from Lajna, then do it to the best of your ability. Moreover, your greatest responsibility is that you raise your children in a way that they form a bond with Allah the Exalted. Make your husband realise, ‘You are waqf and that it is your duty to undertake your own tarbiyat as well as that of your family and your children and that you need support for this from him.’ This is so because if the father is not playing his role, then the tarbiyat of the children suffers.

“The most important responsibility is the home. This indeed is the source of the greatest reward for you.

“According to a hadith, once a woman came to the Holy Prophetsa and said, ‘Our men go to perform jihad, they earn a living and they give charity. Men perform many such tasks outside that we as women cannot perform within our houses. So will we also get all the reward of jihad and giving charity?’ The Holy Prophetsa said, ‘Yes, because you look after their homes, you raise their children and take care of the homes whilst they are away. You will get just as many blessings, especially considering the virtuous generation that is being raised. Moreover, you also bear it with patience that you send off your husbands so that they can serve the faith.’

“Even if your husband is performing a worldly service and not serving his faith, according to the hadith, those women should still look after their homes. Therefore, the responsibility of Waqf-e-Nau girls is to make the new generation steadfast upon Ahmadiyyat and to guide them to have a bond with Allah the Exalted.”

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