What is the Islamic ruling regarding women visiting graveyards?


Huzooraa was asked about women visiting graveyards for funerals and standing behind men or sitting in their cars during the burial. Huzooraa explained this in his letter dated 9 June 2018 as follows:

“From various ahadith, we learn that the Holy Prophetsa had generally advised women against visiting graveyards along with funeral processions, but this was not strictly forbidden. If, for some specific reason, a woman was seen at a funeral, the Holy Prophetsa would ignore it.

“In the pre-Islamic era, excessive mourning over the deceased was a common practice and it was mostly done by women. Islam forbade excessive lamentation and at the same time, women were generally forbidden to go to the graveyard with the deceased so that they may not engage in the [aforementioned] excessive lamentation upon being overwhelmed by emotions at the time of burial.

“Salafi scholars and Islamic jurists have also declared it undesirable for women to visit graveyards along with a funeral procession.

“During the blessed time of the Promised Messiahas and the time of his Khulafa after him, it has generally been the practice that women are allowed to join the funeral prayers with a separate arrangement from the men, but at the time of burial, women are not allowed to come along.

“Therefore, except for special circumstances, women should not go to cemeteries for funerals. If for any reason women have to go to the cemetery during the funeral – as you have written in your letter – they should remain seated in their cars. After the completion of the burial and the funeral, when the men have left, they may pray at the grave.”

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