What is the meaning of the Promised Messiah’s (as) revelation regarding Bengal?


During a virtual mulaqat of the missionaries of Bangladesh with Huzooraa on 8 November 2020, a missionary requested Huzooraa to shed some light on the following revelation of the Promised Messiahas which states that the people of Bengal will be consoled and comforted:

پہلے بنگالہ کی نسبت جو کچھ حکم جاری کیا گیا تھا اب اُن کی دلجوئی ہوگی

“Concerning the order that had been issued with regard to Bengal, they will now be consoled.”

Huzooraa replied:

“Comfort and reassurance has been given to the people of Bengal for 130 years now, but now the people of Bangladesh have to do something and prove themselves so that they may be given this consolation and comfort. Serve and demonstrate this through your actions. Elevate the level of righteousness within yourselves, increase your passion for serving faith and then demonstrate this through your actions. Endeavour to bring about a transformation within the country.

“As far as the opposition is concerned, remember that opposition acts like fertiliser and a seed. The Jamaat is being introduced to people even more so [through opposition]. The more the Ahmadis are persecuted, the more the Jamaat is being introduced to people. Ahmadis are attacked and persecuted in Pakistan, which leads to more exposure of the Jamaat in the outside world and even inside Pakistan.

“Initially, the Jamaat faced opposition in the cities of Pakistan and so people in the cities were acquainted with Ahmadiyyat, but now there is opposition in villages and smaller areas resulting in everyone becoming acquainted with Ahmadiyyat.

“As a result of this exposure, the outside world is also learning about Ahmadiyyat and there are people with a virtuous and pious disposition within Pakistan who are also developing the realisation that they should do their own research to find out about what the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat actually is; what our views are about Islam; what our connection is to Islam; what we believe about the rank of the Holy Prophetsa and how we interpret and understand the Word of God. When they do their research, they get the opportunity of coming closer to the Jamaat due to their own interest and curiosity. So, this opposition serves as fertiliser for you and you should try to benefit from it.

“When you will offer sacrifices, then you will certainly be consoled and granted reassurance. And by the grace of Allah, you have offered sacrifices; bombs have exploded in your mosques; one of our missionaries lost one of his legs and people were injured or martyred. Such incidents occur from time to time and I continually pray to Allah the Exalted for the conditions to improve and I remain concerned for everyone’s wellbeing.

“However, along with all of this, in order to attain comfort and reassurance, you too have to endeavour in this regard. Therefore every murabbi and mu‘allim should pledge that he will spend his days whilst instilling the fear of Allah and spend his nights with taqwa and fulfil the responsibility entrusted upon him to spread the message of Ahmadiyyat in every corner of the country with a special passion and zeal.

“Most importantly, you must demonstrate your own practical examples as role models. You must instil the quality of being content and whatever little resources and facilities you are provided by the Jamaat, you must derive maximum benefit from them and consider them to be ample and abundant. You must continue to raise the standards of your sacrifices. You must continue to strengthen your relationship with Allah the Exalted. You must wake up during the nights to pray.

“It is the duty of every murabbi and mua‘llim to offer the Tahajud prayer for at least one hour. Reflect on your conditions and ask yourselves whether you offer Tahajud prayer for an hour. Are you waking up at night and offering nawafil and profusely weeping before Allah the Exalted and praying that He may create ease for the Jamaat and grant you the means for its progress?

“Also, make it a habit to study and deeply ponder over the Holy Quran. You will not benefit from simply reading a few ready-made essays on the topic; rather, you must broaden the scope of your knowledge as much as possible. This is the very thing that will be useful for you in the future, insha-Allah, and you will be able to use this to your benefit whilst debating with other scholars and to also inform the general public.

“It may well be that the non-Ahmadi scholars have studied more books of Islamic jurisprudence, tafsir [commentary] of the Holy Quran and ahadith in comparison to you and can also quote them to others.

“However, you are the ones who are to explain the true verities which have been taught to us in this day and age by the Promised Messiahas, who is the Hakam and the Adl. It is his understanding of Islamic jurisprudence, his tafsir of the Holy Quran and his interpretation of the ahadith that we have to establish in this world and inform others about it.

“For this, you will need to strive, broaden the scope of your knowledge and then seek help from Allah the Exalted. Seek help from Allah the Exalted for broadening the scope of your knowledge and also for your spiritual progress. Also, seek help from Allah the Exalted in order to spread the message of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in your country. Also seek help from Allah the Exalted that He may remove the opposition and hostility you face. Seek help from Allah the Exalted in order to save your country from His wrath and punishment.

“So there are many types of supplications that a person ought to offer. You should offer these prayers with great passion, zeal and fervency and then you will see for yourselves the revolutionary change you bring about in Bangladesh. And though you will also have to endure hardships and difficulties in this, Allah the Exalted will then say that they have endured enough difficulties, ‘Now console and comfort them.’ It is only after this that you will be granted comfort and solace.”

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