What is the ruling on showing a documentary film on Jamaati events that may contain background music?


[…] A complaint was […] made about the background music lasting one or two minutes in a documentary film played at the Lajna Imaillah Ilmi (Educational) Rally of a country.

Huzooraa, in his letter dated 21 February 2018, gave the following guidance:


“The other complaint that you made in your letter is that music was played for 1-2 minutes in the opening sequence of a documentary film which was shown at a Lajna Imaillah Ilmi Rally.

“As you have written, it was a documentary film. Since it was a documentary film which was not produced by us and the music was added by the producers, how could we edit it out of that film? Thus, there is nothing objectionable in that. In fact, it is that smoke of the Dajjal mentioned in a hadith by the Holy Prophetsa, from which one is unable to protect oneself.

“As far as programmes are concerned that are produced by us and as far as MTA is concerned, both are completely free of music by the grace of Allah and they do not contain any such unlawful things. This is the example which should be presented as the true faith. By the grace of Allah, this is the Islamic example, which is shown through MTA programmes everywhere.”

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