What steps could Lajna take to be able to write to or get published in newspapers?


[A virtual mulaqat of Lajna members of the Netherlands with Huzooraa was held on 22 August 2020.] During the… mulaqat, Huzooraa was asked as to what steps Lajna could take to be able to write to or get published in newspapers. Huzooraa said: 

“Whatever contemporary issues arise or whatever articles are written in newspapers or the issues that you feel are being discussed on social media or other platforms, can be addressed on social media or on your Lajna website so that there may be awareness about it and so that everyone learns that this is the correct answer to such and such matter. 

“Similarly, those people who wish to write articles in newspapers about various issues in defence of Islam should, for instance, write that ‘you say that Islam teaches such and such when in actual fact, this is the true teaching of Islam.’ So, you should encourage those who are capable of writing such articles. The various topics that come up on social media are the ones that should be addressed so that readers are attracted and turn towards what you have to say. 

“In the Western world, the issue that arises with regard to [Muslim] women is that it is alleged that they do not have freedom; the restriction of purdah applies to them; such and such restrictions are made against women and such and such injustices are committed upon them. Women should write about these issues and explain that ‘you say such and such [about us]; I am a woman and this is my response to your assertion.’ 

“There are Lajna members who write articles like this in the UK and it has a positive impact. Instead of men responding to such issues, women should respond to them as that has a better impact on people. 

“Therefore, you should form a team for this. Then, you should also have knowledge of these issues. You should possess knowledge of the teachings of Islam and when you begin to write anything, you should be well-prepared and should write in light of facts and figures so that others are impressed [with what you have written].” 

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