When will Huzoor (aa) visit Canada?


[During a virtual mulaqat of Canadian Atfal with Huzooraa on 15 August 2020,] another tifl said to Huzooraa, “Nowadays coronavirus has spread everywhere. So, when would it be safe for you to travel and when would you visit Canada?” 

Huzooraa gave the following reply:

“I do not know when the coronavirus will end. You are saying it yourself that coronavirus has spread everywhere and that travel is not possible. So, then you should pray. When the coronavirus ends we will be able to travel to Canada. 

“It depends on your prayers and how quickly you ask Allah the Exalted for His grace. Ask Allah the Exalted for His blessing and then this pandemic will end sooner. There are many countries just like yours which are inviting me for a visit, but it is not possible to go. Now, who knows when the turn will come to visit Canada. Alright? When coronavirus ends and travel is permitted then you can come and visit me if I am still unable to go. Is that okay? 

“Anyway, looking at your mosque and its surroundings right now, I feel as if I am sitting in Canada. The tifl before you asked about mi‘raj. So, just as we have seen Canada over the airways and we are able to see everything, it is in a similar way that Allah the Exalted showed the Holy Prophetsa a distant view of Paradise without a satellite, much like I am looking at your mosque right now. 

“I remember the place where I sat and gave an interview to a journalist. I can even see the corner at the back of the mosque where the interview took place. So, it is in this way that one can view and understand. 

“Anyhow, may Allah manifest His grace. Whenever the coronavirus ends, I will visit, insha-Allah. The more fervently you pray, the sooner will Allah the Exalted manifest His grace.” 

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