Where to find God


“If you desire to find Allah the Exalted, search near the hearts of the meek. For this very reason, the Messengers donned the garb of humility. In a similar vein, individuals from more prominent nations should not deride those from lesser ones, nor should anyone boast of their noble lineage. Allah the Exalted declares that when you stand before Me, I shall not question your ancestry, but rather, your deeds will be the subject of scrutiny. Similarly, Allah’s Messengersa advised His daughter, saying, ‘O Fatimah, Allah will not enquire about your lineage. Should you engage in any wrongful conduct, you will not be spared by virtue of being the Prophet’s daughter. Therefore, remain vigilant about your actions at all times.’”

(Al Hakam, 17 July 1903, Malfuzat [1988], Vol. 3, p. 370)

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