Why can we not see Allah?


During a Gulshan-e-Waqf-e-Nau class for Lajna and Nasirat, held in Melbourne, Australia on 12 October 2013, a girl asked Huzooraa why we cannot see Allah the Exalted.

Huzooraa answered with the following:

“Allah the Exalted is the Being Who cannot be seen.”

Whilst addressing the girl, Huzooraa pointed towards the light bulb that was on the ceiling and asked, “You can see that bulb and its light too, right?”

Then Huzooraa pointed towards the table in front of her and asked, “We can see the light falling onto this surface. How did it travel here? Can you see the light moving from up there to here?”

Huzooraa asked the girl again and then explained:

“It is the light of the bulb. The bulb is shining in its place, while light has fallen onto here [the surface of the table]. But there is a distance between both the objects. Should we not be able to see something there too? The light travelled from up there and reached here. Can you see it in the middle?”

Huzooraa asked the girl again. The girl responded that its movements were not visible.

Then Huzooraa replied:

“You cannot see it, correct? Allah the Exalted is even brighter and His light is such that cannot be seen. Yes, Allah’s creations can be seen. Have any of your prayers ever been accepted?”

The girl responded in the affirmative, to which Huzooraa said:

“That is ‘seeing’ Allah the Exalted. Allah the Exalted says in the Holy Quran that there is the Earth, the planets, the universe, all the creations, plants and vegetation … Australia is even known as a very famous place for flora and fauna. Allah the Exalted has created all these things. Observe everything! There is a plant that grows here … It is actually said that if a plant does not have leaves, then … it is chlorophyll from which a plant derives its life. The leaves are playing their own role in this.

“Here, I have also seen such plants that are only a stick and the stem is fulfilling the role of the leaves and on top of it is a large beautiful, colourful kind of flower. So this is also Allah’s creation. Look at everything that Allah has created and pay attention to it. Then, you will see Allah the Exalted right there.”

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