Why do people associate Islam with terrorism?


During a Gulshan-e-Waqf-e-Nau class with Lajna and Nasirat in Sydney, Australia on 7 October 2013, a girl asked Huzooraa as to why people associated Islam with terrorism. Huzooraa replied:

“This is because the majority of the terrorist groups nowadays – be it Al-Qaida, the Taliban, Boko Haram and other new ones that are springing up daily – [claim to be] Muslims. So, people think that perhaps Islam and terrorism are the same things. We need to dispel this misunderstanding. This is why there is a book in the bookstall here entitled World Crisis and the Pathway to Peace. It is a collection of my various lectures that I have been giving to various nations, urging them not to link Islam with terrorism. These are separate things. What they are doing is based on their vested interests. Buy that book and read it.”

Huzooraa then commented on the price of the book before commencing with the answer:

“They are actually sold expensively here. They should sell them for $2. I have heard that they are being sold for $5. They should at least sell them for $2 to Waqf-e-Nau.

“In there, you will find all my different answers to prove that this concept is wrong. Islam has a very beautiful teaching. When Mecca was conquered, the Holy Prophetsa forgave everyone. He even forgave his enemies. The Holy Quran has forbidden tyranny and it teaches that you should not kill any innocent person and that if you kill one person, it is akin to killing all of mankind.

“And who is being killed by these so-called Muslims? They do not kill many Christians; rather, these Muslims are killing other Muslims. Attacks occur daily, be it in Pakistan or in Iraq, where Shiites are being killed, or Shiites are killing Sunnis. The suicide bombings that are happening everywhere, it is Muslims who are dying because of them. An attack on a church where 100-200 died has only just happened recently, but otherwise, they are killing Muslims. They are killing us Ahmadis.

“Consider other places where bomb blasts occur; these are all terrorists who are themselves killing each other, though this is not permissible anywhere. Allah the Almighty has instructed us in the Holy Quran to be very merciful to one another. Yet here they are, killing other Muslims.

“Allah the Exalted says that one who kills an innocent Muslim will be cast into hell. So, they are all becoming the dwellers of hell. There is no resemblance between Islam and terrorism. If you refer to any dictionary, you will see that the word ‘Islam’ means peace. If you watch MTA, and Waqf-e-Nau should certainly watch it, my address from Jalsa Salana UK was about the meaning of Islam and the role of Muslims. Do read that book. It is in English, so you should read it.”

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