Will Ahmadis be affected if WW III breaks out?


[Switzerland’s National Majlis-e-Amila had a virtual mulaqat with Huzooraa on 7 November 2020. A] national amila member asked Huzooraa:

“Dear Huzoor! You spoke about a potential Third World War in your Friday Sermon yesterday. If World War III does occur, will the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat also be affected by it?”

Huzooraa gave the following answer:

“There is a saying [in Punjabi], ‘The weevil is also inevitably ground when wheat is ground’. We are not weevil as such, but when such circumstances befall the world, they will affect the world at large.

“In the time of the Holy Prophetsa, wars were fought. Allah the Exalted promised that the Muslims would be victorious in battles and they did win battles, but were the Companionsra not martyred in the process?

“When we witness various signs, such as outbreaks, earthquakes and storms etc., during such times, some Ahmadis may also be affected by them. However, the number of Ahmadis affected would be comparatively very little. If we continue to maintain a true relationship with Allah the Exalted, then as the Promised Messiahas has said:

آگ ہے پر آگ سے وہ سب بچائے جائیں گے
جو کہ رکھتے ہیں خدائے ذوالعجائب سے پیار

‘There is a fire, but all those shall be saved from this fire who possess love for the God of Great Wonders.’

“If our relationship with Allah the Exalted is true, if we fulfil our due obligations to Him and His creation, then Allah the Exalted will reduce the level of any harm or damage that may come our way to a great degree and He will protect us with His grace. Then the world will learn its lesson.

“However, before that, if we are fulfilling our due obligations, then it is incumbent upon us to inform the world that the reason for these calamities and wars is their becoming distant from God Almighty and not fulfilling the due obligations to the creation of Allah the Exalted. Therefore, they ought to mend their ways.

“When such a world war ends, people will know that there indeed was a group of people, a nation, a Muslim sect and a Jamaat that used to draw our attention towards this. That is when they will turn to God Almighty and will come towards you.

“Thus, if we are fulfilling our obligations, then we will witness the signs of the progress of the Jamaat after the World War. And if we are not fulfilling our obligations; if our state resembles the state of worldly people; if we are immersed in worldly pursuits; if we shun the five daily prayers; if we forget to fulfil our due rights to Allah the Exalted and to mankind, then we too will experience the effects of such a war.

“Allah the Almighty has not guaranteed our protection for merely having performed the Bai‘at. There are conditions to our Bai‘at. If you meet those conditions, then you will be protected. That is why the Promised Messiahas has said that a person will be protected from the fire when the relevant conditions are met and when your expression of love for Allah the Exalted will not only be verbal, but when it will be demonstrated through your deeds. That is when you will be protected.”

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