Women’s role as peacemakers: An event by Lajna Imaillah Ireland


Shahzad Malik, Ireland Correspondent

The women auxiliary organisation, Lajna Imaillah Ireland, hosted its second “Interfaith Peace Conference” at Finnstown Castle Hotel Lucan Co Dublin on 2 February 2020.

This event was solely for ladies and the theme was “Pathway to peace, women’s role as peacemakers”.

This Conference drew people ranging from all walks of life including the Mayor of Dublin, politicians, councillors, religious leaders, teachers and many others. The aim of this conference was to integrate amongst local women and exchange views and believes on the theme “Pathway to Peace”. It was to initiate the conversation of the responsibility of women in establishing peace.

It has been noted in various studies and discourses, that sustainable peace can only be achieved with the involvement of women at its core.

There was also an exhibition set up in the entrance hall, consisting of Jamaat books, Lajna magazines and banners on the concept of hijab and the status of women in Islam. There were several posters on the theme made by student Lajna. A table of free literature was also set up for the guests.

The chief organiser and moderator of the event, Ms Shamifa Zaheer Sahiba, National Secretary Tabligh, welcomed all the guests at the start of the event which was immediately followed by the recitation of the Holy Quran with English and Irish translations.

Thereafter, an introductory presentation on the brief history of Ahmadiyyat and the activities of Lajna Imaillah Ireland was delivered. Afterwards, representatives of various faiths spoke about their religion and its perspective on the role of women as peacemakers.

Ms Maria Murphy represented Christianity. She is a writer, radio presenter, story gatherer and a minister of the word in St Patrick’s parish. She outlined some of the vital roles that Irish women played to keep peace in Ireland and explained how mothers tried to keep peace in Ireland during the Civil War. She also described that Christian teachings are laid out in the “Beatitude”.

Ms Minu Mishra representing Hinduism, spoke about the unique qualities that only women possess in order to bring peace in the world. Guest Speaker Vicki Casserly, Mayor of South Dublin County Council, praised the Ahmadiyya Muslim Ladies and acknowledged the efforts carried by them for integration into the wider community.

The keynote address was delivered by Ms Nudrat Malik Sahiba (National Secretary Tarbiyyat) who elaborated on the Islamic perspective regarding the vital necessity of peace at all levels of society. She mentioned that Quranic teachings directs us to love our parents and look after our neighbours, the poor and the orphans in society. She also highlighted how mothers have a special status within Islam by narrating the beautiful hadith, “Paradise lies under the feet of the mother”. She also mentioned that according to Islam, education of women is essential in establishing peace and harmony across society. Islam puts great emphasis on establishing peace within one’s home and women play a vital role in this regard. Islam is all about humanity, equality, fairness justice, love, kindness and peace.

Quoting Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V, may Allah be his Helper, she said:

“Always remember that the peace of society is directly connected to the peace within families within that society. Peace in homes is based on good morals and mutual respect between a husband and wife and between the parents and their children.”

In the end, Sadr Lajna Ireland, Sajida Aleem Sahiba concluded the event by thanking all the guests for their time and enlightening speeches. She requested all the guests to spread the name of our community and help us in building a mosque in Dublin.

Sadr Sahiba also praised the Irish people and the country by saying that Ireland is a peaceful country and its populace are very friendly individuals. Each speaker delivered their message with great passion, zeal and insight. The common goal of love, respect, peace and recognition came through strongly from each speech.

Everyone acknowledged that the mother, being the focal point in the family unit and in the larger community, plays a very crucial and important role. The formal function ended in tradition with a silent prayer. This was followed by dinner.

The conference was attended by total of 55 women including 36 invited guests. Guests expressed their appreciation for arranging the event and gave positive feedback in both the guest book and interviews before they left.

May Allah the Almighty enable Lajna Imaillah Ireland to continue to hold successful events in order to spread the true teachings of Islam.

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