Would life ever become normal again after Covid?


During a virtual mulaqat of Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya Germany with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa, which was held on 29 November 2020, a tifl asked Huzooraa, “Would life ever become normal again after Covid?”

Huzooraa replied: 

“Allah the Exalted knows best. Even though it may return to normal, the economic state that has developed after the coronavirus pandemic will have consequences for the world. Even if there is no physical warfare or major conflict, it will still take years for the global economic situation to stabilise. However, usually, we observe that the economic situation worsens under such circumstances which more often than not leads to warfare. 

“By looking at the current situation of the world, it does seem that it could eventually lead to wars. If a war is ignited after the coronavirus then the situation of the world will become even more perilous and it will take many years for the situation of the world to return to normal. 

“So, we must pray that may Allah the Exalted grant the people of the world sense and wisdom so that instead of bowing before materialism and usurping the rights of one another, the world’s leaders and nations are able to see sense and strive for peace and harmony. If they try to work together so that the world becomes more united, they will be able to return the situation to normal much faster. If such efforts are not made, then the situation will not return to normal and it may take many years for the situation to return to normal and a very dire situation will unfold. 

“However, I feel that it is quite possible that a war or a conflict could break out after this pandemic of coronavirus ends and its ruinous effects could last for many years before it returns to normality. Thus, we must pray that such circumstances may not arise, that may lead to wars and that world leaders act with sense so that the global situation can stabilise as quickly as possible and return to normal. 

“To achieve this, it is necessary that mankind turns towards God. Otherwise, we will see more pandemics or other trials etc. in the future and then they will get punished. 

“Thus, the situation will not return to normal until mankind bows down before its Creator and fulfils His rights and the rights of His Creation. Therefore, Ahmadis should strive more than ever for this and carry out tabligh [propagate the message of Islam]. We should inform people that there is only one solution to help the situation of the world return to normal and that is for mankind to turn to Allah the Exalted and to fulfil His rights and the rights of His creation.”

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