Yearly Harvest


Every year, around the world, the Jamaat continues to produce fresh batches of missionaries, who dedicate their lives for the cause of Islam to further spread the true message. 

The Jamaat has many Jamias around the world such as Jamia Ahmadiyya Qadian, Rabwah, Ghana, Germany, Canada and the UK, just to name a few.

After completing the Shahid exams, a new batch spends a period in which they are sent to different areas like Africa, Pakistan and Spain. During this period, they are also temporarily posted in various offices of the Jamaat to broaden their understanding of the Nizam (system) of the Jamaat. 

During the activities of the year, the highlight for many fortunate young missionaries are the mulaqats the missionaries have with Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa in which they are given the opportunity to learn and ask Huzooraa various questions. 

Before the batch departs for Africa or Pakistan, they leave with guidance from Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa as to what tasks they should focus on during their time there and are once again reminded of their actual purpose. 

Last week, both the Canadian and the UK batches of missionaries had seperate mulaqats with Huzooraa

Al Hakam spoke with Sabahat Ali Sahib who, along with his Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada class fellows, had a class mulaqat on Saturday, 12 January. Regarding the mulaqat, he said: 

“This was our first class mulaqat. It was totally different in that the level of expectation was clearly much higher, and this air of expectation from Huzooraa fanned the flames of devotion in each one of us. 

“One person asked Huzooraa about how many letters one should ideally write to him. Huzooraa replied, ‘As many as your love impels you to write. It shouldn’t just be to fulfil a certain quota of letters.’” 

“We asked Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa about his expectations for us in Rabwah, to which he responded that we should always remember that we are going there as missionaries, and should conduct ourselves as such. He told us that there are many elders in Rabwah who are experienced and knowledgeable, and that we should take advantage of that. First and foremost, he said that we should offer all five prayers in Masjid Mubarak, and that whatever programme the organisation has given shape for us should be adhered to perfectly.

“Huzooraa asked a student about what time he got up for Tahajud, and advised that for a missionary, half an hour before Fajr is expected as a bare minimum, stating that it should be around an hour before preferably.”

On 14 January, the UK batch had their second class mulaqat with Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa, the first being before they departed for Africa. After the recent mulaqat, our Al Hakam reporters spoke with Sabahuddin Ahmedi Sahib, who expressed his feelings saying: 

“We have had the honour to meet Huzooraa twice as a class; once before going to Africa and today being the second time before we travel to Pakistan. I feel honoured, privileged and humbled to be able to spend time with our Imam who advises us on different aspects before travelling. As a father advises his child is how my Khalifa advised us. From what to eat and drink, to how to worship and greet others. Despite our beloved Imam’s busy schedule, he took out over half an hour for us, asked us about our previous experiences in Africa and gave us the opportunity to ask questions. To be in the presence of an individual who we believe to be the closest man to God Almighty is truly a blessing.” 

After the mulaqat, our reporters also spoke with Attaul Fattir Tahir Sahib from the UK batch, who said: 

“Spending any amount of time with Huzooraa is priceless. By the grace of Allah, we have been blessed with two mulaqats with Huzooraa since passing Jamia. It’s Huzoor’s sheer love and affection that he grants us this time in his blessed company.

“The first mulaqat was prior to our trip to Africa in which Huzooraa advised us on what to do, gave us insight into the African culture and specifically told us to show love to Africans and learn from them. Huzooraa reminded us that our conduct should be of a very high standard and that we should not be unmindful of our daily prayers, recitation of the Holy Quran and extra studies whilst in Africa. 

“In this recent mulaqat, Huzooraa enquired about our experience in Africa and gave us valuable advice for our next visit to Pakistan.  The mulaqat was very light-hearted and Huzooraa showed us great love.”

Ataul Fattir told our reporters that he had the opportunity to ask Huzoor about the recent Halal meat debate and ban in one area of Belgium and what response should be given to those who say that the manner in which animals are slaughtered in Islam is cruel. 

“Huzoor presented a beautiful answer,” said Ataul Fattir, “highlighting the fact that Halal meat is actually more beneficial and less cruel to animals as compared to other methods of slaughter. Huzoor said that countries like New Zealand are actually promoting Halal meat and that the world would soon realise that the method Islam presents is actually the best.”

He added an interesting aspect of the mulaqat, highlighting Huzoor’s love for the Jamaat around the world, “Huzooraa graciously gave us each two pens as well at the close of the mulaqat. Huzooraa said to give a pen to any friend we made in Rabwah.”

“Each mulaqat has enlightened, blessed and spiritually uplifted our whole class. The advice Huzooraa gives us prior to going into the field has been extremely valuable. It’s another proof of the truthfulness of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya.”

These mulaqats are preparing the young missionaries for their journies ahead. Though they may have completed their studies in Jamia, however the real training comes from every guidance received from Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa.

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