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Tabligh in Amritsar

On 12 April 1918, Hafiz Roshan Ali sahib’s lecture, on “The Blessings of Islam”, began at 8pm and ended at 10pm. In my estimation, there were between 400-500 attendees. 

When the announcement was published [about the lecture], some opponents began delivering sermons against it. As a precautionary measure, we informed the police about the resistance and they arranged for Constables and two Sub-Inspectors to help with maintaining order. 


Hazrat Hafiz Roshan Ali r.a.

Prior to the arrival of the Police, some opponents threw fifteen or sixteen rocks at the crowd, striking the forehead of a bystander and causing serious injury and blood to flow, as well as minor injuries to others…

Hafiz sahib’s speech was extremely captivating. The audience comfortably listened to it. 

The following day, Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad [Siyal] sahib’s English lecture commenced at 8am on a specific revelation. There was a significant gathering. Chaudhry sahib spoke constantly in English for about half an hour uninterrupted. The audience listened to his speech attentively. Afterwards, Chaudhry sahib presented the Urdu translation of the speech as well. 

(Dr Abdullah Amritsar)

Tabligh in Mumbai

This Sunday’s lecture was also, by the grace of God, extraordinarily successful. My speech was on “The Truthfulness of the Promised Messiahas”. The hall was packed to the extent that the crowd reached the road outside. On this occasion, we were blessed by Allah in that we used a different tabligh approach. 

I have observed that the people of Mumbai gather more for events where poetry is recited. So this time, I used this technique and presented the poem of the Promised Messiahas in which he has presented proofs of his truthfulness. By this, I am referring to the revealed Persian poem that starts with “Jaikeh Az Masih Wa Nazdalish Sukhan Rawad”. This poem was recited before the audience. After every verse, I would explain its meaning also. By the sheer grace of God, throngs of people had gathered and the hall was packed to the end, so much so that people were standing on the roads outside in large numbers…

Every time I mentioned the blessed name of the Promised Messiahas, the joy of the crowd could be seen from their expressions. When I would passionately recite certain couplets regarding the state of the Maulvis and how they misguide people about the reality of Jesusas, the crowd would get filled with passion and enthusiasm exclaiming “Subhanallah!” In this manner, I recited the entire poem of the Promised Messiahas with its translation and explanation. 

Then, I addressed the audience and said: 

“Can such a person – whose proofs of truthfulness I have just presented before you and whose enthralling poem captivated your attention – be, God forbid, labelled kafir, irreligious or Dajjal? What has happened to your Maulvis, who term light as darkness and who affiliate pleasantness with bitterness. What’s more is that they have persuaded you to believe all this! Tell me honestly: is it possible for followers of the Dajjal to take up ship-journeys, in a time when people refrain from such journeys, not for worldly gains or for national interests but merely for sake of God? Is it possible for a person to place himself in the midst of turbulent waves, and upon reaching London, begin preaching to non-Muslims and enter them in the fold of Muhammad-e-Arabi, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, by teaching them the essence of the Kalima? Send your Maulvis and Sufis, and prepare your Lords and Feudal Barons; Muslims have ruled India for hundreds of years but in this day and age nobody has considered establishing a Muslim mission in Europe. Today, this noble task is being achieved by our Khalifatul Masihaa, and it is this humble Jamaat – that your Maulvis call “the Jamaat of the misguided” – that is performing such duties that could not be accomplished in hundreds of years. The tree that our Mirzaas planted now yields fruits; test it for yourself and see whether they are pleasant or bitter. If they are sweet, then do not bring destruction to yourself by falling into the trap of these ill-informed people.”

It was God’s doing that as I spoke of tabligh in Europe, at that moment and in that very crowd, I received mail from abroad. Therein was Hazrat Mufti [Muhammad Sadiq] sahib’s letter in which he mentioned a doctor and a lady accepting Islam. I read out the letter to the audience and presented this contemporary and living proof of the Promised Messiah’sas truthfulness. This gave the crowd all the more reason to be pleased. 


Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq r.a. frequently wrote letters to the Markaz reporting on his regular tabligh activities

After that, I made a heartfelt prayer for Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II and everyone, including the audience said “Amin”, which echoed in the hall. Then, we prayed for Hazrat Mufti sahib and the entire audience, after which the event came to a close. 

Tabligh in Basra

Asghar Ali Khan sahib, Secretary Anjuman Ahmadiyya Basra, writes:

“On 31 March, people gathered and listened to Babu Abdur Rahim sahib speak on Hajj. We are continuously performing tabligh duties and people are given books to study.” 

Tabligh Tour, District Multan

Hafiz Jamal Ahmad sahib is performing a tour for tabligh purposes. May Allah produce prosperous results.

(23 April 1918)


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