13-19 April


Compiled by Tariq Hayat, Pakistan

13 April 1891: The Promised Messiah, peace be on him, wrote a letter to his companion, Hazrat Munshi Rustam Ali sahibra. This very fortunate man was deputy inspector in the Railroad Police, Lahore and had a close relationship and regular contact with the Promised Messiahas.


Hazrat Munshi Rustam Ali Sahib r.a.

 15 April 1886: A girl was born in the late hours of Friday night in the house of the Promised Messiahas. She was named “Ismat”. The birth of this girl proved to be a trial for the weak of faith, as they expected a “Promised Son” – as promised by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas –  but a girl was born who would later pass away.


15 April 1907: The Promised Messiahas invited Maulvi Sanaullah of Amritsar to settle issues through a mubahila (prayer duel), but this rigid opponent turned down the opportunity, and for many decades had to witness the progress of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. He died in 1948 in absolute despair. 


15 April 1949: The first ever Jalsa Salana of Pakistan was held in the barren plains of what is known today as Rabwah. This historic event continued for three days and hallmarked the determination and resolution of Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmadra


Jalsa Salana Rabwah 1948

17 April 1907: The Promised Messiahas published the tract Fath-e-Azim (Grand Victory) about Dr. John Alexander Dowie’s death. This opponent of Huzooras intended to wipe out Islam. He died in America in utter grief, misery and helplessness. Thus, the greatness of Ahmadas, the Messiah of Qadian was witnessed at large.  


18 April 1889: The Promised Messiahas went to Aligarh for a week, upon the invitation of Hazrat Syed Muhammad Tafazzul Hussein sahibra tehsildar [tax collector]. 


19 April 1901: Guests from the Forman College and American College Lahore paid a visit to Qadian. These Christian priests were given the opportunity to have audience with the Promised Messiahas


19 April 2003: Ahmadis across the globe mourned the loss of their beloved Imam, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmadrt, after an announcement was made on MTA International stating that he had passed away in the early hours of that day. 


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