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Changing minds: News media and cinema

Ali Raza, Ahmadiyya ARC, London Wiki Commons The first thing that comes to mind after reading...

100 Years Ago… – Tabligh in the UK

Tabligh in the UK, Al Fazl, 25 January 1919

How Europe Came to Forget its Arabic Heritage – Part II

After the Turks took Constantinople in 1453 CE, Greek refugees brought with them texts from classical authors in the original Greek.

How Europe Came to Forget its Arabic Heritage – Part I

Traditional education about Western civilisation tells the story of how around 1500 CE, Greek texts recovered the lost memory of Europe’s Greek and Roman past and unleashed an era of progress in science and civilisation called the Renaissance. 

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq r.a. – An Early Ray of Western Sunrise

Tracing the roots of early Islam Ahmadiyyat in the USA.

Holland Jamaat – In the Blessed Presence of Khilafat

The success of Jamaat Ahmadiyya lies in the fact that this Jamaat is Divinely guided.

100 Years Ago… – Ahmadiyya News

Letters from the United Kingdom; incidents of acceptance of Islam

Flood Relief in Shkodra, Albania

With the blessing of the Allah, the Albania Jamaat brought relief to 30 flooded families in the district of Shkodra.

White Doves

Since the time of the Promised Messiah a.s, people from different backgrounds have been attracted to his cause. 

“Burn the Boats” or “Turn the Tables”

Ahmadis all around the world listened to Huzoor’s a.a. recent Friday Sermon from Valencia, Spain on MTA International. 
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