World War III: Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad warned for almost two decades, but the world failed to take heed

Ata-ul-Haye Nasir, Al Hakam

Russia-Ukraine conflict

A great fear has turned into a reality; Russia has invaded Ukraine, increasing the chances of an all-out world war that would include nuclear weapons.

During a virtual meeting on 13 February 2022, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaa said:

“It is said that if Ukraine and Russia go to war then there is the danger of this evolving into a world war and resultantly nuclear weapons can be used.

I have been warning of this for a long time, that governments should come to their senses.” (Al Hakam, 18 February 2022, Issue 205, p. 4)

Addressing all Ahmadis, Huzooraa said:

“It is your duty to pray. Continue to pray that Allah the Almighty safeguards you from a world war. […] It is prayer alone that can save you.” (Ibid)

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V
Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa 

During the early hours of 24 February 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine’s Donbas region. He made the declaration in a televised speech at the same time as the UN Security Council was imploring him to stop. The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said that an invasion “could be the beginning of a big war on the European continent.” (“As it happened: Ukraine deaths as battles rage on day one of Russian invasion”,

This was followed by news about multiple explosions and airstrikes in different parts of Ukraine. (Ibid)

BBC reported:

“Ukraine’s UN ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya says Russia’s UN envoy has confirmed that his president declared ‘a war on my country’, reports Reuters news agency. The Ukrainian interior ministry tells CNN: ‘The invasion has begun.’” (Ibid)

The foreign minister of Ukraine tweeted:

“Putin has just launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Peaceful Ukrainian cities are under strikes. This is a war of aggression. Ukraine will defend itself and will win. The world can and must stop Putin. The time to act is now.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in his address, urged the Ukrainian citizens to defend the country from Russian forces and said weapons would be issued to everyone who comes forward. He said:

“We are defending our country, we fight for our country and we protect our country.” (Independent, 24 February 2022, “Ukraine president Zelensky urges citizens to fight and offers weapons after Russia invasion”)

Pledge by five major powers

World leaders need to realise that this is one of the most decisive moments in modern history. In fact, it is the make or break moment for not only the contemporary world but also for future generations. They must learn lessons from the past, and stay firm on their recent pledge, where five of the world’s most powerful nations – the US, Russia, China, the UK and France – had agreed that “a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.” (“USA, Russia, China, UK and France pledge to avoid nuclear war”, Al Hakam, Issue 199, pp. 9-10)

20 years of continuous guidance

If they fail to remain loyal to this pledge, the world could face huge devastation, about which Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaa, Khalifatul Masih V had been warning the world for the past two decades.

History bears witness that aggressive wars only leave behind huge destruction and miseries.

Europe Map 1938
Map of Europe

During his Friday Sermon on 9 May 2003, while warning of the horrific consequences of atomic warfare, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa said:

“These incidents [of nuclear devastation] were witnessed in the Second World War even when those atomic bombs were of low capacity. Now, much more powerful atomic bombs have been developed. It is apparent from the current situation of the world that it is hastily moving towards destruction. Therefore, as always, it is the responsibility of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya which has a deep love for humanity, that they should pray and pray fervently to save humanity. May the world recognize God and save itself from destruction as much as possible.” (Khutbat-e-Masroor, Vol. 1, p. 30)

In 2012, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaa wrote letters to the leaders of various countries, and called their attention towards the establishment of world peace. In his letter to the then US president Barack Obama, Huzooraa wrote:

“There is currently great agitation and restlessness in the world. Small-scale wars have broken out in certain areas. Unfortunately, the superpowers have not been as successful as was anticipated in their efforts to establish peace in these conflict-hit regions. […] We observe that political and economic problems have once again led to wars between smaller nations, and to internal discord and discontentment becoming rife within these countries. This will ultimately result in certain powers emerging to the helm of government, who will lead us to a world war.

“If in the smaller countries conflicts cannot be resolved through politics or diplomacy, it will lead to new blocs and groupings to form in the world. This will be the precursor for the outbreak of a Third World War. Hence, I believe that now, rather than focusing on the progress of the world, it is more important and indeed essential, that we urgently increase our efforts to save the world from this destruction. There is an urgent need for mankind to recognise its One God, Who is our Creator, as this is the only guarantor for the survival of humanity; otherwise, the world will continue to rapidly head towards self-destruction.” (“Letter to President of the United States of America”,

On 24 March 2012, during his keynote address at the 9th Annual Peace Symposium of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya UK, Huzooraa said:

“Japan is the one country to have experienced the abhorrent consequences of atomic warfare, when it was attacked by nuclear bombs during the Second World War […] The nuclear bombs that were used at that time and which caused widespread devastation, were much less powerful than the atomic weapons that are possessed by even very small nations today […] Let it be clear that if nuclear weapons are used again today, then it is quite possible that parts of certain countries could be completely wiped off the map. They could cease to exist […] Recently, a very senior Russian military commander issued a serious warning about the potential risk of a nuclear war. It was his view that such a war would not be fought in Asia or elsewhere, but would be fought on Europe’s borders, and that the threat might originate and ignite from Eastern European countries.” (“The Devastating Consequences of a Nuclear War and the Critical Need for Absolute Justice”,

Whilst addressing the 10th Annual Peace Symposium of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya UK, on 23 March 2013, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaa said:

“We should not sit here and only be concerned at the prospect of becoming involved in wars that are taking place in Asia, but we should also be extremely concerned about the problems on our own doorsteps. If we look at Europe’s own financial crisis and its long-term effects we see that it is causing restlessness to spread within Europe’s population and this anxiety is increasing at great speed. If not handled properly, the results of such frustrations and desperation will prove to be catastrophic.” (“The Critical State of World Peace”,

On 11 May 2013, while addressing a special reception held in his honour at the Montage in Beverly Hills, LA, Huzooraa said:

“The direction the world is moving in suggests that the dark shadow of war is being cast over a very large part of the globe. If war breaks out then countless innocent women, children and elderly people will all die. The destruction will be greater than was witnessed in the previous two World Wars.” (“Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat delivers Historic Address in Southern California”,

Map Europe
Map of Europe

On 14 March 2015, while addressing the 12th National Peace Symposium of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya UK, Huzooraa said:

“The world is being consumed by various issues that are leading to frustration and resentment, which in turn are undermining peace. For example, the effects of the financial crisis continue to be felt in much of the world. […] Then there is the conflict in Ukraine and the global arms race. These are all threats to world peace that are not linked to Islam, but rather have developed as a result of an unquenchable thirst for power, influence and resources. […]

“Whilst some are saying that another World War is now unavoidable, I believe that even now there is time for the world to wake up to the stark reality it faces and to arrest this threat. To do so, all people and their leaders will need to stop looking only in one direction and caring only for their own interests. Instead, they must seek to fulfil the requirements of justice, fairness and honesty at all levels of society.” (“Muslim Leader says Justice and Honesty required to prevent Outbreak of third World War”,

On 6 October 2015, while addressing the Dutch National Parliament, Huzooraa said:

“The world stands in desperate need of peace and security. This is the urgent issue of our time. All nations and all peoples must come together for the greater good and unite in their efforts to stop all forms of cruelty, persecution and injustice, perpetrated in the name of religion or in any other way.” (“World Peace & Security – Critical Issues of Our Time”,

On 23 November 2015, while addressing a special reception held at the Hilton Hotel in Odaiba, Tokyo, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaa said:

“We are living in extremely precarious and dangerous times, in which the state of the world is a cause of huge concern. Conflict and disorder are consuming the world and threatening international peace and security. […] In Eastern Europe, hostilities between Russia and Ukraine and other European countries are continuing to flare. Furthermore, recently there has been heightened tension between the United States and China regarding the incursion of an American warship into the South China Sea. […]

world war iii

“The world is now becoming engulfed by violence and disorder. In the modern world, the scope of warfare is much more vast than in previous eras. Conflicts in one part of the world do not remain limited or local, rather their effects and consequences spread much further afield. […] For many years, I have been warning that the world should realise that the effects of a war in one region can and will affect the peace and harmony of other parts of the world. […]

“Now it is not just the major powers that have nuclear bombs, but even a number of smaller countries possess them. Whilst perhaps the major powers keep such weapons as a deterrent, there is no guarantee that the smaller countries will show such restraint. We cannot take it for granted that they will never use nuclear weapons. Thus, it is clear that the world stands on the brink of disaster.” (World Crisis and the Pathway to Peace, pp. 189-191)

Then, during his Friday Sermon of 4 December 2015, Huzooraa said:

“The severity of the situation is such that it appears to be a World War – in fact, a World War has already begun on a small scale. I have been warning of this for a number of years but only now many analysts have started to agree, and now they even write that World War has begun. […] The tensions between Russia and other Western powers are intensifying.”

In 2016, while addressing the 13th Annual Peace Symposium of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya UK, Huzooraa said:

“For many years I have warned that the world is moving rapidly towards another world war and now others are reaching the same conclusion. In fact, some prominent people are now saying that they believe that a world war has already begun. Nonetheless, I believe that we still have the time to stop such a war in its tracks but the solution remains, as I have already said, to act with justice and to leave aside all vested interests.” (“Terrorism was Never Justified by the Prophet Muhammadsa“,

On 3 September 2016, while addressing the non-Ahmadi guests at Jalsa Salana Germany 2016, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaa, Khalifatul Masih V said:

“It is an undeniable fact that the world’s peace is teetering on a knife-edge. With each day that passes, we witness increasing conflict and uncertainty across the globe. It is a strange and tragic paradox that even though we are more connected than ever before, we are actually growing ever more distant by the day.” (“Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community speaks of risks of refugee crisis & rise of the Far-Right in Europe”,

On 11 November 2016, while addressing a peace symposium in Calgary, Canada, Huzooraa said:

“Storm clouds forewarning us of a Third World War are getting heavier by the day. The effects of such a war would last for decades to come. Generation after generation of children would, more than likely, be born crippled or with genetic defects due to the lasting effects of the radiation. Thus it is the urgent need of the time for mankind to work towards safeguarding our future.” (“Ways to Establish World Peace”,

On 25 March 2017, while addressing the 14th National Peace Symposium of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya UK, Huzooraa said:

“Tensions between Russia and the West continue to smoulder and threaten to escalate at any time. Indeed, as tensions continued to mount, Germany’s ex-Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, took it upon himself to speak out against NATO military exercises near the Russian border. Speaking last June, he said:

“‘The one thing we shouldn’t do is inflame the situation with loud sabre-rattling and warmongering…Anyone who thinks a symbolic tank parade on the alliance’s eastern border will bring security is wrong. We will be well-advised not to provide a pretext to renew an old confrontation.’

“I agree with the statement of the ex-Foreign Minister that nations should not provoke one another or seek to assert their dominance, rather they should engage in diplomacy and try to resolve differences amicably and without needlessly threatening each other. Sadly, with the passing of time, it seems that we are losing our ability to listen and to tolerate opposing views and perspectives. Opening the channels of communication and facilitating dialogue is essential, otherwise the world’s malaise will only get deeper.” (“Global Conflicts & the Need for Justice”,

On 9 March 2019, while addressing the 16th Annual Peace Symposium of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya UK, Huzooraa stated:

“If there is a nuclear war, we will not only be destroying the world today but we will also be leaving behind a lasting trail of destruction and misery for our future generations. Hence, we must pause and reflect on the consequences of our actions. We should not consider any issue or conflict, whether within a country or at an international level, to be insignificant.” (“Head Of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Warns Of Intensifying Global Hostilities And The Risk Of Disastrous Nuclear War”,

On 5 October 2019, while addressing the external guests at Jalsa Salana France, Huzooraa said:

“Today, once again, blocs are rapidly forming, society is becoming polarised and rifts between nations are deepening by the day. Many countries, Muslim and non-Muslim, do not seem to comprehend the true value of peace or to recognise the dangers that lie ahead. Certainly, the consequences of warfare today are potentially far deadlier than anything we have ever seen before because several nations have developed nuclear weapons. If any of those countries ever use the deadly weapons at their disposal they will not just be destroying the world as we know it, but will be ensuring that we leave behind the most horrific and devastating legacy for our children.

“If a nuclear war breaks out, generations of children will be born with mental and physical disabilities and so instead of contributing to their nations, they will live miserable existences and be a strain on society. Their homes will be filled with despair. Their towns will be filled with grief. And their nations will be consumed by misery. They will be justified in cursing us for engaging in such selfish and senseless warfare that shattered their dreams even before they were born. Thus, no one should be under the illusion that this world crisis we are passing through is trivial or something that will heal itself without us changing our behaviour.” (Islam & Europe: Peace, Identity & Integration, pp. 57-58)

On 22 October 2019, while delivering an address in Berlin, Huzooraa said:

“Today, there are a host of countries who have acquired nuclear bombs or other destructive weapons that have the potential to destroy civilisation as we know it. Who is to say that these weapons will never be used or will not end up in the wrong hands? All it takes is one miscalculation or misstep for hostilities to trigger the unthinkable. The consequences of such a war are incomprehensible but it is safe to say that the world will never be the same again.

“If nuclear weapons are ever used, it will not just be us who bear the consequences; rather, our children and future generations will have to suffer for our sins. Generations of children will be born with intellectual and physical disabilities and have their hopes and dreams shattered through no fault of their own.” (Islam & Europe: Peace, Identity & Integration, pp. 81-82)

In 2020, at the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic, Huzooraa sent letters to world leaders warning how precarious the world situation could become in just a few months. He said:

“Indisputably, Covid-19 has shaken the world’s economy to its very core and patently the coming weeks, months and years ahead will be exceedingly hazardous and challenging. Indeed, most people do not yet fully appreciate how precarious the world will be just a few months from now. If history teaches us anything it is that when governments selfishly prioritise their own national interests over and beyond the collective interest the results are invariably catastrophic. Inevitably, economic or trade wars occur that, in turn, foster hatred and jealousy and ultimately lead to open warfare and bloody conflicts in which unimaginably destructive weapons are unleashed obliterating all that is before them.

“Consequently, with all humility and sincerity, I urge you as the leader of your nation to formulate policies that are based on justice so that the world may be saved from further misery and destruction. With all my heart, I hope and pray that you will pay heed and take seriously my earnest words. For the sake of the peace of your nation and the wider world, I pray that you play your role in the formation of economic and geopolitical policies that respect the rights of all parties and through which all peoples and nations can benefit and unite.” (“Letters Sent to World Leaders by Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community During Covid-19 Pandemic (2020)”,

On 29 November 2020, during a virtual mulaqat of Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya Germany with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaa, a question was asked whether life would ever become normal again after Covid? Huzooraa replied:

“Allah the Exalted knows best. Even though it may return to normal, the economic state that has developed after the coronavirus pandemic will have consequences for the world. Even if there is no physical warfare or major conflict, it will still take years for the global economic situation to stabilise. However, usually, we observe that the economic situation worsens under such circumstances which more often than not leads to warfare. By looking at the current situation of the world, it does seem that it could eventually lead to wars. If a war is ignited after the coronavirus, then the situation of the world will become even more perilous and it will take many years for the situation of the world to return to normal. […]

“I feel that it is quite possible that a war or a conflict could break out after this pandemic of coronavirus ends and its ruinous effects could last for many years before it returns to normality. Thus, we must pray that such circumstances may not arise, that may lead to wars and that world leaders act with sense so that the global situation can stabilise as quickly as possible and return to normal. To achieve this, it is necessary that mankind turns towards God […] We should inform people that there is only one solution to help the situation of the world return to normal and that is for mankind to turn to Allah the Exalted and to fulfil His rights and the rights of His creation.” (Al Hakam, 29 October 2021, Issue 189, pp. 7-9)

On 22 May 2021, during a virtual meeting of journalists from The Gambia with Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa, a journalist referenced Huzoor’s book, World Crisis and the Pathway to Peace and said that Huzooraa had paid a lot of emphasis on global peace. He asked about the importance of justice and why it was crucial to speak out against injustices. In response, Huzooraa said:

“If there is no justice, there is no peace. If you have double standards, as we can see in today’s world shown by the big powers, they cannot maintain peace in the world. […] This is why you can see there is disturbance in the world today. So, if there is no justice, there is no peace.” (Al Hakam, 28 May 2021, Issue 167, pp. 1-2)

On 11 September 2021, during a virtual meeting of UK Khuddam with Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa, a question was asked as to what was Huzoor’s opinion on the current state of the world? In response, Huzooraa said:

“I have been telling, all the time, to the people of the world – to politicians, to leaders – that they ought to change themselves and try to establish true justice, absolute justice in the world and discharge their duties to their Creator and their fellow beings. Otherwise, there is no guarantee [about] what is going to happen, and what we can see is a very dark and bleak end of this world.” (Al Hakam, 17 September 2021, Issue 183, p. 6)

Europe Map

On 24 February 2022, in a press release, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa stated:

“For many years, I have warned the major powers of the world that they must heed the lessons from history, particularly in relation to the two catastrophic and devastating world wars that took place in the 20th Century. In this regard, in the past, I have written letters to the leaders of various nations urging them to set aside their national and vested interests in order to prioritise the peace and security of the world by adopting true justice at all levels of society. Most regrettably, now a war in Ukraine has started and so the situation has become extremely grave and precarious. Furthermore, it has the potential to escalate even further depending on the next steps of the Russian government and the response of NATO and the major powers.

“Unquestionably, the consequences of any escalation will be horrific and destructive in the extreme. And so, it is the critical need of the hour that every possible effort is made to avoid further warfare and violence. There is still time for the world to step back from the brink of disaster and so, for the sake of humanity, I urge Russia, NATO and all major powers to concentrate all their efforts on seeking to de-escalate the conflict and working towards a peaceful solution through diplomacy.  

“As the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I can only draw the attention of the world’s political leaders towards prioritising the peace of the world and setting aside their national interests and enmities for the sake of the wellbeing of all mankind. Thus, it is my sincere prayer that the world’s leaders act with sense and wisdom and strive for the betterment of humanity.

“I pray that the world leaders strive earnestly to safeguard and protect mankind, both today and in the future, from the torment of warfare, bloodshed and destruction. And so, from the depths of my heart, I pray that the leaders of the major powers and their governments do not take steps that will serve to destroy the future of our children and next generations. Rather, their every effort and motivation should be to ensure that we bequeath to those that follow us a world of peace and prosperity.  

“I pray that the world’s leaders pay heed to the need of the hour and value, above all else, their obligation to ensure the peace and stability of the world. May Allah the Almighty protect all innocent and defenceless people and may true and lasting peace in the world prevail. Ameen.” (“Statement of World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Regarding Russia-Ukraine Crisis”,

On 5 March 2022, while addressing the symposium of the International Association of Ahmadi Architects & Engineers, Huzooraa said:

“The current state of the world is extremely concerning and alarming, especially in relation to what is happening in Ukraine and the increasing enmity between Russia and the West.

“A dark and ominous shadow has been cast upon much of the world and if, God forbid, the current situation escalates further, the consequences do not bear thinking about. It is no exaggeration that the world stands at the brink of a disaster and there is the grave risk of devastation and destruction, the like of which we have not seen before. […]

“Most regrettably it is this never-ending craving for power and wealth, whether on the part of Russia, the Western world, or other major powers that have led mankind down just a dangerous path that threatens to shatter the peace of the world.

“Thus we must all fervently supplicate before Allah the Almighty, praying for a peaceful resolution to this current conflict.”

These warnings are being issued since a long time and now the world is on the edge of a very possible nuclear disaster between nations. May Allah enable the world leaders to pay heed to the most sincere advice and guidance given by the Ahmadiyya Khalifa, Hazrat Mirza Masroor AhmadaaAmin.

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  1. Since 1945 many intellectuals in the world have been warning that if there is a nuclear war everything will be devastated – It is true that the Ahmadiyya Caliph might have been warning about this catastrophe with insistence . But he is not the only person in the world who is aware of this plain fact – Since 1945 on two particular times the world has been on the brink of nuclear war once was 1961 because of Cuba and the second was in the early 1980s when the Russian thought that the West could attack them by surprise. Fortunately for everyone the worst was averted. Insha-Allah this time as well we pray that Allah protects humanity from the folly of of stupid leaders .


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