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2 June 1900: The Promised Messiahas narrates: “Today, Saturday 2 June 1900, at 2pm in a light slumber I was shown a sheet of paper which was very white, and in the last line was written:



I conceive that the word occurring in the last line means that the end will be glorious. Then the revelation came: 

قادر كے كاروبار نمودار هوگئے

كافر جوكهتے تهے وه گرفتارهوگئے

(The Powerful One has manifested His affair; Those who called [me] a disbeliever have been seized.)

The meaning of this, which has been conveyed to me is that soon, such powerful signs will be shown whereby those who call me a disbeliever will be charged themselves and will be seized securely having no way of escape left. This is a prophecy which every reader should remember.”

3 June 1876: Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Murtaza passed away. Upon recollecting, the Promised Messiahas wrote: “Before my revered father died, I was informed in a dream that the time of his death was near. I was in Lahore when I saw the dream, so I hastened back to Qadian. I found him ill with dysentery, but I did not expect that he would die the very next day, for his illness had taken a turn for the better and he showed great steadfastness. The next day, we were all with him during midday. Being a very hot day, he very kindly suggested that I should rest a little. It was the month of June and the temperature was very high. I retired into an upper room and lay down while a servant gently massaged my feet. In this condition, which resembled a light slumber, I received the revelation:

والسماء والطارق

That is, ‘We call to witness the heaven where all decrees originate and We call to witness the event which will happen after the setting of the sun.’ I was made to understand that this revelation was by way of condolence on the part of Allah the Almighty, and that the occurrence to which it related was that my father would die after sunset … My father died the same day after sunset.”

5 June 1893: The final paper was read out in the debate between the Promised Messiahas and Abdullah Atham as described in Jang-e-Muqaddas. In it, the Promised Messiahas announced that a decisive sign would be shown. He wrote: 

“What was disclosed to me last night was that when I supplicated the Divine with great humility and earnestness saying: ‘May You decide this matter between us; we are Your humble servants; we cannot accomplish anything save through Your will,’ He gave me this Sign, as a glad-tiding that whichever of the two parties in this debate was deliberately adopting a false stand and deserting the True God and was deifying a humble man would be severely afflicted within a period of months, corresponding to the number of days of the debate. That is to say, within fifteen months they will be greatly humiliated, provided they do not turn to the truth. And he whose stand is on the truth and who believs in the True God will be thereby exalted. When the prophecy sees fulfilment, some who are blind will begin to see, some who are lame will begin to walk, and some who are deaf will begin to hear.”

5 June 1893: After returning from the above-mentioned debate, the Promised Messiahas received a congratulatory revelation at about 1pm:

هَنَّأَكَ اللهُ

(Allah the Almighty congratulates you.)

6 June 1893: The Promised Messiahas went to a place near Amritsar called Jandiala, upon the request of its Muslim community. In actual fact, they requested his presence for the above-mentioned debate. He stayed there for some days and afterwards went to Amritsar again. In the second week of June, the Promised Messiah as returned to Qadian. 

7 June 1897: When Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmadra had finished his first reading of the Holy Quran, the Promised Messiahas composed the well-known poem Mahmud Ki Amin to celebrate the occasion. It was published on this day.

7 June 1898: The Promised Messiahas announced maintaining a register containing names of Ahmadi youth. He named it:

كتاب البنين و البنات

(Book of sons and daughters.)

This was formed to help suggest suitable proposals for marriage. 

7 June 1906:  The Promised Messiahas was given the Arabic glad-tiding which translates as, “Men whom We shall direct through revelation from heaven will help you. People will come to you by every distant track. Presents will come to you by every distant track.”

7 June 1915: Hazrat Maulvi Ghulam Rasul Rajekira announced the nikah of the youngest daughter of the Promised Messiahas,Hazrat Nawab Amtul Hafeez Begum Sahibara with Hazrat Nawab Abdullah Khan, son of Hazrat Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan.

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